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Dreamscarred Press [Ultimate Psionics] (3rd party Psionics for Pathfinder) already met their goal, but it never hurts to have extra funding towards expanding the current project.

There is also a Kickstarter going for Roll20 miniatures. The artist's images are impressive, reminding me of an old D&D pc game.

I heard about another RPG, this one by Rob Heinsoo and Jonathan Tweet, one that focuses on grind-free combat and each class having an interesting character dynamic that makes them fun to play.

You can check it out here:

- Logain

What do you do with all those minis?

You send them to me and I paint them for you for money.


Also, Chaosium threw their hat into the KS craze. This will probably be one of the best and cheapest ways to get your hands on a copy of Horror on the Orient Express for Call of Cthulhu, highly sought after and out of print for near 20 years.

Dreadnought, why do you have a mini of Jackson? Perhaps you should have a group of minis for the Tarheels, heroes to the Union cause!

I paint what I'm asked to paint. besides, helluva general, even if it was the wrong side

This kickstarted is called Planetary War, an RTS that is a so-called 'spiritual' successor to the awesome Total Annihilation game. It looks very promising and their plan to do what they call, Galaxy Wars, sounds crazy awesome.

DND Documentary

I didn't see this one posted and thought you guys might be interested. Less than a week left to get the minimum $50k they need to meet their goal.


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