4-02 | Greycloak | Bookkeeping

As a member of the Absalom Thieves' Guild, Ransom makes a lot more than he used to as a Yes Man.

Sleight of Hand:
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 11 (Total = 23)
Preemptive Day Job (23)

2cp(DONT BREAK THE BANK!) - Whetstone

I was going to buy a living steel shield, but it's banned for some unexplainable and highly annoying reason. >_<

I actually have a lot of gold on hand, though.. if we need to buy anything for Ransom, I can cover it until adventure's end.

Starting 1250.5gp
The following Blanches will be used to coat 10 arrows each
- Silver - 5 gp
- Adamantine - 100gp
- Ghost Salt - 200gp
- Cold Iron - 20gp

2 x Caltrop - 2gp
30 Arrows - 1.5gp
2 Smoke arrows - 20gp
Dagger - 2gp
Wand of Gravity Bow - 750gp
Longspear - 5gp
Whetstone 2cp
1 splintercloud arrow - 25 (pending GM discussion)
31 Durable arrows - 31gp

= 1100.52 gp

Current Gold + Scenario = 149.08 + 1309= 1458.08

Remove Curse Spell (cast on Ajax) = 150gp.
Cloak of Resistance = 1000gp
Spring-loaded wrist sheath = 5gp
30 normal arrows = 1.5
10 thistle arrows = 10gp

Remaining gold 1458.08-1166.5=291.58gp

Buying a Cloak of Resistance +1 for 1000g.
Buying a Masterwork Smithing Hammer (+2 Craft) for 50g.

Craft Armor:
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 6 (Total = 12)
Day Job

Day job rolls go here. Chronicle is attached.

Everyone made their missions. I'm giving my sheet to Aestrid as she'll likely be the first to reach L3 where she can take credit. I'll have to roll her day job for that later as I'm allowed to apply GM credits out of order and don't know if she'll have improved.
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After a thorougher search you are indeed correct.

I'm still not gonna buy anything until her credit gets applied at 3rd level. Maybe I can pile up enough credit to bump her straight to 4th assuming she makes it out of Ravenmoor intact.


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