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Help for a starting D&D 3.5 GM? (adventures)

Help for a starting D&D 3.5 GM? (adventures)

Hello all, I'm a long-time D&D player who's looking to get into DMing a campaign for my friends. I've come up with what I think is a fairly fleshed-out world, an easy to follow (if a bit plot-railroady) plot line for the campaign, and some characters that I think will work very nicely. All in all, my game-world is pretty much ready for gaming.

Where my problem lies in with building dungeons and encounters. I have a lot of trouble deciding on what monsters to use where and when to use them and how fast players should level and etc. etc. So I've decided to use the published modules and adventures available online (with maybe one or two home-brewed ones) for the actual dungeons of the game. The storyline is flexible enough to have them go pretty much anywhere in any order for these dungeons (think a tournament run by the god of gambling and sports to reward those he sees as "worthy" and where all the losers pretty much die horribly). My new problem is that with so many adventures available, I'm really not sure where to begin!

I'm planning on having the heroes start at around level 3 or 4 and by the end of the tournament should be in their early to mid teens. This will probably last about 2 semesters (college gaming ftw), with my planned midpoint being the Tomb of Horrors (and yes, I know I'm cruel. This will be at a point where the god is REALLY pissed off at the characters if all goes well). The only two adventures I have planned right now are Tomb of Horrors and White Plum Mountain, everything else is up for suggestion.

Any suggestions on which modules to use and how many I should end up using? It'll probably be about once a week sessions, and they'll be fighting a weakened version of the god at the end, so I'd like them to be fairly well-equipped. I'd love a mixture of hack-and-slash ones and puzzle ones if possible. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Also, sorry if this is in the wrong section! I didn't really know which section to put this in haha

~shrugs~ Making your own isn't to hard. Grab a copy of tablesmith and start randomizing dungeons. That way you don't have to worry about campaigns throwing you off your goals.

The dungeon generator on this site has proven to be very useful to our group. Maybe take a gander at that?

I will take a look.

That being said, any suggestions for modules? Just in case lol

I Can Co GM with you. I seem to be doing a decent job with the whole game balancing thing :3 Tables and charts do help.

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