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Help make Fallout GURPS more playable

Help make Fallout GURPS more playable

As there seems to be a fair amount of interest in playing a game of Fallout, using GURPS seems like the best option.

I've set up a wiki to better showcase potential issues, and fixes, as we find them, and to list resources to aid us in our quest.

The wiki, when it's complete, will allow players and GMs alike to jump onto the Fallout world and play with minimum fuss, using nothing more than the wiki itself, and a copy of GURPS Lite.

i think a good amount of fallout "perks" in the pdf need to be corrected and /or repriced
many are "useless" in the sense that there is something "better"

the question is, does the fallout perks substitute gurps advantages(in the sense you can only pick the perks) or are they in addition? in the first case we will need to correct the prices of some stuff, in the second, we're better ignoring fallout perks as most(but not all, some are very strong...too strong imo) are inferior to gurps advantages, no one will pick them

an example, the perk: bonus hth attack is overpriced by at least 10 points probably 15

sniper and slayers talents 60 point each are not that strong, the best of a critical hit is to bypass the defense, 60 points for a chance to get an effect on every strike is overpriced in my opinion, lets not talk about the prerequisites, which alone cost more than the suggested starting points

solution: fix the existing perks and limit the players choice to these perks ignoring gurps advantages
or ignore fallout perks

the same applies to traits
example bruiser is underpriced

Traits and perks are meant to be examples of advantages, I think, but like you say, they're horribly unbalanced. Ultimately I'd like to remove any new labels the Fallout PDF adds to established GURPS things, like advantages, and make everything in the book a comparable example of a GURPS advantage, disadvantage, skill, item, character etc. Obviously players SHOULD be free to use anything that fits, story wise and mechanically.

Anything that can't be made fit into GURPS should be dropped, rather than ruining the entire thing, as it sounds like they've done with perks etc.

I wonder - in order to maintain Fallout flavour there would be a point in balancing all those damn original skills and treat them as first choice. On the other hand - that would be time consuming.

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