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Let's Play Guild Wars 2!!

Yeah, that was exactly my problem, the fact they all poofed away.

Getting this legendary Rifle or Dual Pistols is going to kill me.

Hit 80 on my Engi a few nights ago, and have been grinding away on the seemingly insurmountable amount of mats needed to craft some of these legendary weapons.

I imagine it wouldn't be so bad with the full weight of a guild grinding away, but doing it solo is daunting. The 250 (or was it 500?) extra skill points seem pretty easy, compared to some of the other ingredients. I mean, the recipe for crafting one of the four items you need to place in the forge is 10g, and the base weapons are retailing for 30-50g on the TP.

Bah I say!

Anyways, I am on Fort Aspenwood, as I believe some others mentioned as their home destination. Names Katjur. Working on 100% Map Completion, Doing some WvWvW, and crafting. I have 380-400 on several different trade disciplines, so if you need a new weapon or armor, hit me up and I might be able to make something for you on the cheap.

Level 76 as of last night! I went down to Straits of Devastation and it's interesting. Instead of Hearts, the zone has one dynamic event after another going on, and mobs drop oodles of XP. A lot of these enemies are tough, and even normal mobs are pretty challenging.

Right now the zone is especially hard because so few people are there. You'll run across Champions but only one or two other players at most are around to help with them. It's tough, but at the same time it makes victories that much more satisfying. Instead of a mass player zerg, you get a more intense battle where you have to pay better attention. It makes things much more fun.

I was thrilled to come across [spoiler=Spoilers]the Temple of Abbadon[/url] during my PS. That was an awesome throwback to the first game.

I'm trying to work out a build that suits me in this high-level area. Until very recently I was using the Flamethrower kit but most of its damage comes from its basic attack and it got kind of old. Plus, the Flamethrower bugs out a lot. Its basic attack is a cone-blast but it's not always clear what you're hitting. Your visual fire might be hitting the enemy but you'll just get a lot of Miss!

I switched to a Grenade Kit build. That does fantastic damage (especially when you take the trait that throws an extra grenade) but having to manually spam my 1 button gets very tiring. I just put together a pistols-and-turrets build before going to bed so I'll try that out tonight and see how it suits me. I didn't use turrets much before because they're not mobile but the concentration of mobs seems higher in Orr so it seems like they'll be more useful.

It's meant to be a zone that you group up for anyway, although most players will be able to manage solo just fine (it's just a lot harder). If your on at the right time, sometimes a zerg will form up, using map chat to organize where to go, with an unofficial leader directing it where the best events are, namely gaining control of cathedrals so there map effects (that are a real pain if you need something in one of them) are shut down.
The lack of active waypoints when the risen are winning is annoying though, meaning a zerg will often form just to get them active again (which is good if you ask me), and to defend them as well.
Be in mind that as of my last check of the zones, a couple of skill points are still bugged, so unfortunately getting 100% completion of these zones can't be done, I'm aware of 1, and I think I've heard other people asking about others in map chat.

I was wondering, what is everyone's opinion on the character level reduction when in a lower level zone?

I haven't played yet, but have been considering. The idea of being reduced in level is, so far in my mind, kinda like being insulted and robbed of hard earned levels. The sentiment is strong yes, but I see it as reasonable seeing as how time and effort is spent in earning levels only to be arbitrarily reduced in level for (no good reason?).

One reason I have heard is it keeps things 'challenging'.

I like that part of the game. Makes it a little more fun to do low level zones. No pressure to do certain dungeons at certain times as well, which is even better. Not done a lot of playing with lower level characters, but this is probably where it will be the least useful. Because I still overpower stuff a few levels below me, which everything would be.

I like it, I still overpower things more than a couple of levels lower than me, simply because I have better gear, and more traits unlocked, but I can't just 1 hit every mob I walk across, but things significantly lower level than me still go down very quickly (I'm level 80, and I was running from a starter zone at the time, I was able to 2-4 hit the level 5 enemies).
I guess challenging is the right word, your hear and traits will make enough of a difference, and I rarely have to go back to low level zones anyway (usually passing through to get an area I need to my personal story).
And if you do want to play with friends, you are brought back to their level as well, and while still more powerful, you won't simply destroy everything in 1 hit, and since one of the main selling point is the whole game is meant to be fun, not just the end game, you'd be robbing them of the fun if you destroyed everything for them.
As to Inscribed's point, I can vouch for that, I was, at the time, among some of the higher level players at the time, although not part of the highest, level 80 under a week group, resulting in not many people to go on dungeon runs with, and only recently, once I had hit level 80, was I able to find a group to go through Twilight Arbor, a level 50 dungeon. It was fun, and challenging, we didn't finish it unfortunately, but some of the bosses we fought, we had to try several times till we could work out how to beat them. It was a challenge, if I was level 80 going through there against level 50 enemies, I'd be able to do anything other than boss fights solo easy, and even then, I could probably find a way to beat them solo eventually. The point is, because of the level scalling, I was able to have a fun time trying to figure out how to beat each challenge as we got there.
And it isn't really robbing you of your levels, as I said earlier, you get to keep your awesome gear, you unlocked traits and skills, and they even 'give' you levels for PvP and WvW (slightly limited in the 2nd) by auto maxing everyone at level 80 for it, and in the sPvP, even giving you awesome gear for it. While it is for balance reasons, keeping everything competitive with no one having an unfair advantage, the point is if you are looking at it as robbing you of levels, they are also giving you lots of levels at other times.
I guess the point I'm making, is it's a bold decision, that not everyone is going to like, but there a reason for it. But I like it, and I hope to see it used in other games in the future, it keeps things interesting (plus I never develop bad habits if I have been wondering through a lower level zone (say, charging head first into a enemy camp, I know I'm still going to die if I do stupid things like that, and have to work my way through)).

Indeed. I really like it, especially considering the fact I like to go through a map for quests and hearts first, than go back and try to complete the map. If I could one-hit ko everything in the second run, it'd be boring.

I like the sidekicking system as well. I just wish they disabled it for personal stories.

I love the down-leveling. I can play with my friends without steamrolling the game, and it makes it feel like dangerous monsters really are still a threat. It's not a feeling you really get in other games. Plus, I feel like it gives me incentive to try other zones even after I hit cap because I can still play as if I was still at the zone's level.

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