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Statue & Petrifying Gaze?

Statue & Petrifying Gaze?

What happens if someone under the effects of a statue spell looks at a Basilisk's Petrifying Gaze?

The statue spell states that you can still see while in statue form, so conceivably you could get hit by a gaze attack...

They'd be turned to stone, permanently if they fail their save. Of course it could be reversed by flesh to stone. There's nothing saying that the Statue spell would negate or keep a Basilisk's gaze from affecting someone under the effect of the statue spell.

I'd say congratulations to the PC under the effects of a Statue spell, your now immune to petrification for the duration of the spell, being stone and all. If a target is already stone there is no reason to say that he should be burdened by a petrification effect.

I respectfully disagree with Cthulhu's opinion. If they avert their eyes however while in statue form, then only have a 50% chance each round of having to make a saving throw. I'd say if they are in statue form the the Basilisk is just walking around where they are they wouldn't notice they were actually alive. They have an Int of 2, not exactly smart. I doubt they'd even look at them, in which case I wouldn't even require a save.

Originally Posted by Coolplayer View Post
I respectfully disagree with Cthulhu's opinion.
I'm just curious what exactly are you disagreeing with in my statement? I'm not suggesting that the character can't meet the basilisk's gaze, I'm objecting to the idea that a stone creature can somehow be neutralized by being turned to stone....there is simply nothing there for the gaze attack to work on, no flesh or other non-stone substance, the target is already stone. The attack itself is an instantaneous shouldn't 'hang' around to screw the adventurer later.

Just my 2 cents.

There is no immunity to petrification effects granted for already being considered made of stone.

Common sense would suggest, however, that something made of stone being turned into stone does not change anything about it, therefore not adding or removing anything.

But the rules on any polymorphing magic states that a shapeshifting effect will automatically negate another shapeshifting effect. Turning yourself (temporarily) into a statue... yes, you'd still be vulnerable to the gaze... but the specific wording of the statue spell says you can "turn back to your normal state" at will.

This means NORMAL form. Not BASILISKS ARE JERKS form. Of course, it also means a druid in animal form that turns into a statue reverts to their normal race when coming out of the statue state.

And since basilisk gaze is considered duration: instant... you're pretty close to immune.

On the other hand... you're immune to basilisks... who gives a crap? Basilisks are a challenge rating of FIVE. The statue spell means you're somewhere around level THIRTEEN. You're *not* going to fail a saving throw against them. You're *not* going to feel any threat by them. And you'll *never* get xp for killing them. Doesn't matter if there's one or one hundred. You keep them in your garden to scare rabbits away from those damn vegetables your wife makes you grow because "magical food just doesn't taste as good".

A petrified creature, in addition to being considered made of stone, is also considered to be unconscious. Unconscious creatures don't get to take actions, such as returning to their 'normal' form.


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