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Help Wanted for Fleshing and Designing new world!

Originally Posted by silverthorn2009 View Post
World: Thaelin
Planetary StatsThaelin's circumference at equator:125,000 miles (201,168 km)
Thaelin's circumference between the North and South Poles: 125,000 miles (201,168 km)
Average Distance from Thaelin to its' Sun: 93,000,000 miles (149,668,992 km)
Average Distance from Thaelin to its Moons: Mond 250,000 miles (402,336 km), Tsuki 200,000 miles (321,868.8 km), Kamar 300,000 miles (482,803.2 km)
Water vs. Land: 55% Water, 45% Land
Planetary Age: 5.23 billion years
Atmosphere Content: 55% nitrogen, 44% oxygen, traces of carbon dioxide, water, and other trace elements
Revolution around Sun: 1,827 days (Thaelin Year)
Technical question from a person who read a bit about exoplanets: Is it supposed to stay in accordance to laws of physics or not?

With 5 times higher circumference, and being merely as dense as Earth it should have 5^3 Earth masess - read 125 masses, clearly heavier than Saturn. The gravity on the surface of that planet should be 5 times higher than on Earth - read: evolution would favor dwarfs

You would have also ignore that planet with mass 10 times higher than Earth's should be able to maintain hydrogen in its atmosphere and shall transform to a gas giant.

Stop spoiling fun?

Actually there are quite a few crazy worlds possible that would allow existence of sentient life and good game setting. Ex. Tidally locked planet around a red dwarf; planet on an eccentric orbit; moon of a gas giant; planet in system with more than one star; supper earth or clearly a smaller planet; planet with very high tilt.

Yes, please ignore normal rules of Earth-realm physics, at least where the planet itself is concerned. Other than that, have anything else to add that could help instead of hinder?

I've got a few questions for your consideration, Silverthorn.

Orbit: Elliptical or circular? If elliptical, how eccentric is the orbit? Aside from the obvious effect on seasons, this will have an effect on lighting conditions, which could play into the rituals and beliefs of the world's inhabitants.

Axial Tilt: Generally speaking, the greater a planet's axial tilt relative to its plane of orbit, the more extreme the weather is. Leaving out the Earth-realm physics, you'll still want to keep in mind that the poles would go through incredibly long periods of light and darkness, as seasons last roughly 452 days on your world. This might affect certain creatures, and would probably be an important cultural aspect.

Rotational Speed: How long is a "day" on your world, exactly? Is it a 24-hour day like the Earth, a 4-hour day, a 360-hour day? Are your years measured in Earth days or Thaelin days?

Continent Size: How large are your continents relative to those of Earth? With the planet being 5x Earth's size, and 45% of its surface being land, you've got roughly seven and a half times the land area of our planet. Since it is harder to move goods over land than over water, extraordinarily large continents will lead to less long-distance trade. With a magic-driven climate, you won't have to worry as much about desertification in the inland regions... but rivers, lakes, and irrigation will still be vital for population growth.

One thing i should have mentioned before is that this is a very magic infused world. As in high-magic. transportation is made easier mainly by the Isle of The Artificers, which generalize in magic items, but specialize in golem making for general and specific purposes. Think of little golems that never tire acting as a motor of a vehicle, larger ones driving the gears and wheels of larger actual trains. I will address the rest in a while, currently trying to get the Planeswalkers World Project back up and running on MTGSalvation.

Orbit: Circular
Axial Tilt: Not really sure what it should be for the stats i have currently.
Rotation Speed: With the size of the planet, i was wanting the days to be slightly longer, but with the rate of rotation being up to me, it will probably be around 30 hour days total, with general 18 hours of daylight for non-polar and non-equator areas, with 12 hour night. Polar areas being longer for each, and equatorial areas being pretty even.
Continent Size: Pretty much take Earth's largest actual continent, and multiply it by 5. Thats the largest continent size there will be, and theres only 1(one) that size, the rest being roughly 3/4 to half that size, with a few being 1/4 that size. Also, there are thousands of islands, some being less than a mile wide, some being as large as Australia.

Originally Posted by samuraicrab View Post
What are the races? You need exotic races like sentient spiders and living statues.
Oh, just about everything in any book is going to be here, i am making it a conglomeration of just about everything there is to have. If you have seen it in a D&D book, its somewhere in the world.

Are all of these dozens (at least) of races living mostly intermingled or are they geographically distinct. If transportation is fast, cheap, and easy there's very little reason that the races would remain distinct. What you'd be looking at is effectively a global community a lot like ours. Lots of travelers, lots of immigration, and any organization with any clout is going to have a pretty extensive reach. Granted, your planet has a LOT more surface area, but with magitech like you've indicated, they'd likely have large, fast watercraft as well, if not aircraft!

What kind of world are you trying to build? Is this a "magitech gone wild" world with magical equivalents to modern technology? Or a magepunk world on a large scale, but no further advanced than the industrial revolution?

@Darkxarth: Going with those, it would be more magipunk, industrial age kind of thing, large craft powered by golems and other magics mostly.

Also, yes, there is a lot of comingling of the races, but they each have their own areas they centralize around as well. Think what America was supposed to be, except on a much larger scale. Some types tend to stick with their own, but a lot of places are intermingled as well.

If you get overwhelmed with lore at all I'd like to toss in an offer to assist. I do love a good writing exercise.


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