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Been looking!

Been looking!

Hello people! I'm Asvern.

I've never played any kind of table top online, and I haven't played any table tops in quite some time.
I'm looking for some help getting into the swing of things!
I used to play Werewolf: the Apocalypse and D&D, though I don't remember which version.
I miss doing my best to be as creative and eccentric as I could!

My favorite memory was having a lv13 half orc druid with a baboon animal companion and my DM allowed me a permanent Awaken spell on the baboon because I critted. My baboon became its' own player in a way, and the DM actually had him kidnapped in part of the campaign. xD

I would love some advice, any hospitality is 100% welcome.

I would wager that your best bet is to first figure out what version of DnD you played, then go and jump right into applying for games in the games and ads forum. I'm sure you'll be fine. Welcome to the weave.

Thank you for the welcome, but I'm going to go ahead and start fresh. 4th e is my main focus, I have the books and official character builder, so I'll just try to ride with training wheels and guidance for now.

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