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New pathfinder sheet

Originally Posted by radiant song View Post
The message is still playing even though I've saved my sheet. Is that supposed to happen?
It should only show until you save. I did add the notice in a hurry whilst trying to finish breakfast and dash out the door and didn't test it. Time has been in very short supply this week but I made some other changes since then so may have affected the notice status. When I test now it works ok for me.

Try it again, try clearing your cache, if it still shows let me know.

Thanks, Plugsy. That problem got fixed a week or so ago. I apologize for not thanking you much earlier.

A new issue has arisen, though, one I only noticed now because this is the first time it's been relevant:

The fourth weapon in the sheet does not show up in the stat block when the stat block is generated. Is that supposed to happen?

All 3e derived sheets are like that as there was originally only 3 weapons fields. The statblock code really really wasn't written to be changed so as this is the first time it's ever come up it can wait. It needs rewriting from scratch to be maintanable.

It's cool, Plugsy. Thank you. It can wait.

I only noticed it because I made a fighter. Never had a need for 4 weapon fields before.

Is there any way to add more rows in the spell list? A wizard can easily fill the default ones fairly quickly.

It might be possible to shuffle some stuff around but I'm torn as to whether it's worth the effort fiddling with old sheets.

I'm gonna make a new PF sheet using the new sheet system at some point. Bearing that in mind how many people think this is worth doing on the current sheet?

Hey Plugsy,

I think peeps can manage on the existing sheet if you're going to create a new one



Just to be clear, I'm not working on a new sheet nor do I have anything more than a general intent.

I do have a mental list of things I think need changing or need to be added. I already spent a couple weeks on it which consisted mainly of trying to get more info in less space. I didn't get any feedback from the players at the time so I shelved it. In the meantime we've been developing a new sheet system that gives much more space on the page and makes all sheets printable.

The new system will make the job significantly easier as space was a big problem. Once it's production ready it'll be high on my list, providing I can get a handful of members who're willing to get involved in discussing what's needed.


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