[MUSTER CLOSED] PFS #4-02: In Wrath's Shadow - Repalcement Player

There were special letters by the faction heads, as here, do they play a role inscenarios now?

Ah so.

The letters play no role other than perhaps providing a larger theme behind the individual missions in season 4.

Sure, whenever, loooks like they are in the middle of a combat, are they coming back to camp and I appear there?

GM fiat will force them to return to camp bloodied in a round or two when they finish spanking the remaining harpy.

Go ahead and post your character in the character thread and chat in OOC while you wait. There's imaginary tea and cookies in the lobby.

Grey: Actually, as per the Guide:
Originally Posted by Earning Prestige
Alternatively, beginning with Season 4, each faction has a specific goal it hopes to achieve by the end of the season. A PC who undertakes a creative approach to forward this goal outside of the prescribed faction mission may earn 1 Prestige Point for doing so in place of the Prestige Point gained for the assigned faction mission, at the GM’s discretion. See page 19 for details on all 10 faction goals for Season 4.


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