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[3.P] Masterpiece weapons - Exotic++

I don't see how I was being impolite.
He's free to contribute. Contribute.
Is there a more appropriate forum for homebrew?
I don't mind criticism. Irrelevant opinions aren't criticism.

Originally Posted by ImperatorK View Post
I propose creating a new type of weapons - Masterpiece weapons - which are basically what Exotic weapons should have been from the beginning.
Let's see....

Firstly - Masterpiece weapons would all have a decent damage dice. Something like 1d12 minimum or whatever.
Secondly - they all would have nice combat benefits depending on the weapon.
No to bigger dice of damage. Try something else with them besides this. Give them a feat bonus, or a bonus to using certain kinds of maneuvers...something that grants them distinction as the weapon of a master without being just an excuse to get giant weapon kind of damage without being a giant weapon. Many masterpiece weapons exist to fulfill specific roles afterall that have nothing to do with giant dice damage.

Of course Masterpiece weapons would be extremely hard to wield successfully, so they would require a feat to use (there's no non-proficiency penalties, you either can use it or not). There would also be feat chains or maybe even trees for improving benefits or gaining new ones.
Sure...I've got no reason to dislike a feat chain, two or three long, for these kinds of weapons. Pathfinder has one for staff fighting. Trouble is keeping these feats flavorful and useful without just making 'Power Attack +X!!!!'. Generic feats often do what you need anyway and just because its a masterpiece weapon doesn't make them obsolete...or shouldn't.


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