Adventure beckons in Fallcrest...

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Adventure beckons in Fallcrest...

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Dungeons & Dragons 4e - Forgotten Realms 4e
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Yeah so you saw it in a travel brochure or maybe at the back end of the Dungeon Master's Guide and never real thought that there was much going on there. Well, if there isn't, why are you reading this. Because you want there to be. You want to swing your sword, nock an arrow and cast those magicky missiles. At some thing, but what?
As the section on Fallcrest mentions, pc's need a place to go when they aren't hacking and slashing, someplace where adventures start right seemingly right on the tail end of the last one. Taken right out of the 4E DMG and tweaked and changed where possible, come visit Fallcrest and spend some time here, clear out some orc caves, slay a dragon or two and maybe save the princess. And then, when you've had enough, either go home or move on.

Game Description:


Hey, attempting to DM a free form solo/mixed group persistent universe with Fallcrest as a base-town. Check it out, if you want... Check this video-
I'm interested. We start at level 1? Themes and backgrounds?

Add me to the confused list. What level do we start at? What 4e sources are allowed? Is the starting gold and magic item setup the same as typical 4e? Are there any race/class restrictions?

Are themes and backgrounds allowed?

I see that you seem to allow for little to no story background by some of your comments. Is there any other special information you would like on an application?

Sorry about the confusion, working on that now. This is a table top campaign that started off GURPS, then 3.5 then 4.0, then Forgotten Realms and now Fallcrest. I'll explain a little bit now and then update the ad and profile. My wife and a friend of ours (kamahl1001) want me to learn 4.0, I want to play play by post here on Myth-Weavers as I have tried to do on and off for the past 6 years. We compromised and decided that the base-town at the back of the 4E DMG would be a good place to begin for me and them. But then I'm thinking, if taverns and inns are where adventures start, why not open the game to other MW players and run alternate story lines for anyone playing. So I will be starting a couple of story threads from the different meeting places in Fallcrest and inviting anyone who wants to play them. I admit, Fallcrest leaves little secrets that I can hide from the players who choose to look it up in the back of the DMG, but I love making random tables for all sorts of things from story hooks to ending treasure awards so I plan to do my best to keep a good story going. Kamahl is sort of the player-dm and advises me on all of the rules as they are hit upon. And my wife kmum is trying to be the record keeper. But in PbP we are all the record keeper.
Anywho, for now, I am not requiring an application to join. Just create a character appropriate to 1 level one pc or npc class. Starting out, I'd like everyone to be from Fallcrest, but if you've got an origin idea that you want to work with, let me know. As the game progresses I may allow higher level starting points.
As for the mechanics of the game, Fallcrest and the locations on the regional map in the DMG right up to the edges are all part of a pocket dimension of unknown origin. the people, monsters and even the pc's were either born there or brought there random events because they have what it takes to become true heroes. Something Fallcrest is always in need of. We may expand past this theme in the future, but for now I want to keep things simple and fun as I learn 4E on while 5 is beta testing? ha ha. I'm way behind the curve.
As for race, class, whatever. think basic first level adventuring parties, use the books that you own or have access to, let me know what you're sourcing and where the character sheet is and we're good. no restrictions right now. I have an expert player-dm working with me to iron stuff out. Hope that helps. And, yeah when my mana recharges, I'll update the rest of the game accordingly.

submit private thread to get things rolling, working on the starting points now and tonight.

What's your character gen rules? Ability generated through point system or rolls(4, drop lowest, reroll 1, roll two sets or one set)? Which books are allowed?

@ Natshikrak -- he mentioned here: "use the books that you own or have access to, let me know what you're sourcing and where the character sheet is and we're good"

I'm going with standard point buy ... as you've mentioned the books, I'll be using my DDi subscription -- I've got way too many books to go flicking through


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