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Borderlands - Now with more WUB WUB

I don't see Brick simply because Brick's bread and butter was (per my opinion) his action skill. Beyond that and his massive love of rocket launchers. For that reason, I don't include Brick when I describe the number.

I'm waiting for the GOTY Edition. I've got a looooonnnngggg time to go.

It's really a good deal, they plan on releasing 4 DLC's they are already offering a "Season Pass" pay for all the DLC's now for a cheap price, instead of paying Full price per each one when they come out. Lots of replay, tons of multiplayer, and the game evolves with you.

Information for the Season Pass Here: Borderlands 2 DLC Season Pass announced

Maaan, Borderlands has inspired me to construct a full automated dungeon crawl system with random loot for Dark Heresy. My rough draft right now is the players roll X d100, to determine Brand, Weapon-Class (Pistol, Basic, Heavy), Type (SP, Bolt, Las, etc), RoF, Damage, Reload Speed, Range, Weapon Upgrades, Special Quality (and number of), and probably others as well. The brands will probably give you one special quality and one feature unique to the brand.

Here's a few on the top of my head;
Maliwan: Roll 1d3, gain Shock, Flame or Toxic. On a 10 on damage, roll 1d5 on critical hits table.
Dahl: Can Semi-Auto as a half-action.
Hyperion: Gain Accurate. If weapon already has accurate, aim as a free action instead. If flame, shoots a 20-30m line instead.
Jakobs: Tearing. If weapon already has tearing, add 1d10 to damage instead. All Melta, Plasma and Las weapons become SP or Bolt instead.
Torque: Damage type becomes explosive. On a 9 or 10 on damage, roll 1d10 on critical hits table.
Vladof. Double RoF, single shot included. If there is no full auto, gain full auto equal to twice the weapon's semi auto.

Will probably report this on appropriate board after I made a complete chart on excel.

Well Ladies and Gents I want updates, how far have you gotten *spoiler free if possible* Any awesome weapons, secrets, etc.?!

I finally am fighting robots and I hate them.

I didn't mind fighting the Loaders but that might've been from Zer0's critical hit-boosting abilities. Just shoot their shoulders (the exposed actuator, specifically) and you get a crit and blow that arm off. Handy way to stop them throwing grenades at you. Or shoot them in the hip-joint and blow their leg off.

I had a really powerful Hyperion sniper rifle (the one you get for a Hyperion-given side-quest from the Outlook Bounty Board) and it got to the point where one shot would blow a WAR Loader's arm clean off. I think I was three-shotting them at one stage - one bullet in each shoulder then finish them off with a third in the eye.

EDIT: What I really loathed fighting were Threshers, especially the odd Badass Fire Thresher that'd turn up - those things were hell to kill.

to grindy for pointless microimproved gear

I think no punctuation hit it best on how I feel about it

I have really noticed that Zer0 is perhaps a slight bit gamebreakingly good. I rarely, if ever, use his action skill, and always just find a place high up and far away, and snipe them all. I was at lvl 10, and killing a lvl 14 badass.

True, but where's the fun in that? Get in close for the slicey-dicey. I will admit, though - if you stack Backstab and Execute (possibly with a bit of Ambush as well) that sword is sickeningly good.

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