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Middle Eastern Type Medieval-ish World

Middle Eastern Type Medieval-ish World

Although it is not the heart of the heshira empire (and nor is anything really), it is certainly elegant and grande for the minor land mass it occupies. The rumored throne of the empress is called Heshirol.

Really scrapped for ideas right now (my brain is dead, and I wanna play diablo 3).

Um... yeah.

Your best bet is to come up with non-magical means of city to city travel, you don't want your party dependent on mages. How about this, there's a metal that can only be found in certain areas, meteor sites, near large magical duels, whatever. This metal is completely frictionless if worked properly and can be formed into skis and fitted to boats. So you turn a desert campaign into a sea campaign. Huge sailing ships drawn along the dunes, getting becalmed in the deep desert, attacked by pirates, and so on.

I disagree Bumblor. That would kill the creative vibe here. I like the idea that each place is very seperated by the terrain. It makes for a challenge. Its creative and not to be streamlined.

Another idea would be tunnels. Players have to get through a dungeon of baddies in order to get to the next city or town.

Also, magic is still rare - teleporting would mean seeking out the nearest elder mystic, who probably dwells in desert wilderness - so it becomes a survival adventure. The mystic might also send the players on their way to the right tunnel (make sure it doesn't lead to some dead lost civilization swarming with ghouls and mummies, etc.).

Originally Posted by DaReaper95 View Post
I wanna be in on this.
Cool. What do you feel like contributing?

I'd love to. Set up a game thread or something and post what you've got so far.

I know, but I'm saying that what we add and what people post as their opinions should be seperated. This thread can be regularly updated but if I'm directly contributing (which I'm REALLY looking forward to) we should have a clear channel of communication.


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