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Registered a while ago, since I just recently got into Dungeons and Dragons, and Pen and Paper RPs. Decided to write my introduction so I can get to know the community.

Though I have no experience in D&D, I've been a dedicated RPer for the past ten years, starting at the age of eight. I've written a lot of stories in my fair time, and in the process, have helped create, and expand on three different worlds. I thoroughly enjoy writing and character creation/development, so I've always been interested in trying D&D, but never got the chance until now.

So. Hello again.

HI! You're gonnna love it here. Plenty of hooligans for you to be inspired by. I'm death. nice to meet you. welcome to the weave.

Welcome, Scoodles!

I'm one of the scoundrels Reaper is talking about.

Thanks for the introductions.

I'm looking forward to starting my first campaign soon. I don't know how to work a character sheet without assistance, but I believe my writing prowess will help balance everything out.

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