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Hey everyone! I'm just a guy looking to get his RPG fix, I have a group IRL, but we can never seem to get together at the same time, so I decided to start pbp. I'm always interested in trying out new rules systems, though the only two I've played semi-regularily are 4e and Pathfinder. I usually play 'casters and/or the face.

Outside of RPing I'm a university student from Canada. (Currently a second year science student, plan on transferring into Engineering next fall) I enjoy reading horror and fantasy novels, as well as writing my own terrible fiction. I have a huge collection of games on steam and have been gaming since SNES/Genesis. I enjoy anime and manga. I'm also a pretty big Hockey fan.

Ya know, we have mostly 3.5e here, which is fairly similar to Pathfinder, so if you use as a reference you should be able to apply to 4e, Pathfinder, and 3.5e games.
Welcome to the weave. Please ask all questions in the form of a cupcake.

Welcome, Ivellis.

Switching to engineering, huh? Traitor.

I'm an Oceanography graduate student at my university. I was bribed with ocean research cruises and I never looked back. I got interested in hockey during a few long days out in the North Atlantic during February. I needed something to pass the time when the seas were too rough to do work.

While you are in the weave, may you surround yourself with legends.

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