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New attractive girl alert...

New attractive girl alert...

A new attractive girl has popped up on the lower right hand side of my MW screen. She's wearing sunglasses and a t-shirt that says "Meh."

A glitch, I suppose. Maybe she got lost on the way to Cafe Press or something.

You're gonna want to give details, maybe a screenshot, browser information, etc. We have absolutely nothing to go on, here. It sounds like you have a virus.

Sam you make me laugh. You're a pain in arse to be sure but you make me laugh.

Oh, no, I insist.

Thank you for wasting my time with this inane thread. I thought there could actually be a legitimate problem with malware, or an inappropriate ad, or any of a host of legitimate problems with the site that would require my attention.

How silly of me! You just wanted to be an ass. Go do it elsewhere.

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