Escape From the Underdark

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Escape From the Underdark

Escape From the Underdark - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 4e - Forgotten Realms 4e
Ad Closes: Oct 12 '12
Estimated Members Requested: 4

Players Wanted: 4 more (we already have one player confirmed)
Application Deadline: Friday, October 12, 2012
System: Dungeons & Dragons, 4th Edition
Setting: Forgotten Realms, 1370

Game DescriptionFlavor:
Tavern tales across Faerun's sunlit lands whisper of the Underdark, a lightless, subterranean realm that is home to fabled races and ancient, unspeakable evil. It is a domain of primeval mysteries and unending war, a hidden world of cruel masters and hopeless slaves, filled with monstrous races that were old before humans were born. It is a dank, dismal place of fungus, rot, and slime. It is a land where a few lucky merchants have found a lucrative trade, but where many more have been slain (or worse) for their effrontery. So dire is the reputation of the Underdark and its denizens that mothers caution their children to behave, lest the dark elves steal them away.

Slaves in the Underdark have little to live for, and most hope only for a quick death when their time has come. A few, however, long for freedom, and even fewer attain it. You are one of those few.

Game Premise:
Escape from the Underdark is a new 4e game run by myself and aquilifer09. I have run this campaign before on Myth-Weavers, and it lasted about 2.5 years. We already have one player locked in and are looking for 4 other players to round out the party.

Escape from the Underdark takes place in a non-canon section of the Underdark, approximately 7 miles beneath the surface in the year 1370 of the Forgotten Realms. The setting is expansive and well-fleshed out, with a custom history and many interesting npcs. PCs are free to explore the setting and pursue their own goals and interests. Much of the action will take place around a city of freed slaves called Sanctuary. Sanctuary is built on the abandoned ruins of an ancient Svirfneblin city, and is full of mysteries and dangers. Sanctuary itself is far from its namesake, full of corrupt politicians, self-serving public defenders, and mysterious cults.

This game is about surviving in a hostile world where your resources are slim, allies are rare, and your enemies are very powerful.
This game is about exploring the many mysteries that inhabit the setting.
This game is about characters that are forced to make difficult decisions to survive.
This game is about your characters pursuing their goals and being heroes!

ApplicationYour character will begin as a slave of the drow, traveling in a slave caravan to the large drow city of Traensyr. Your character may be a newly acquired slave, either captured or purchased from another slaving race, such as illithid, beholders or duergar. Your character also may have been born as a slave. Regardless, they are now the possession of the ruthless and evil drow.

A character sheet is not necessary for the application.

Post your application here, and please format your application like this:
Application Format
Name: Your character name.
Race: Character Race
Class: Character Class
Alignment: Good or neutral only, please

I personally prefer characters with well-developed motivations and goals that aren't reliant on quirks or gimmicks.

Character CreationCharacter Creation:
All characters will be created using the standard character creation rules presented on page 12 of the Player's Handbook, with the following exceptions:
  • Character Level: 3rd
  • Ability Scores: Method 2: Customizing Scores (22 points)
  • Alignment: Unaligned, Good, and Lawful Good only.
  • Races: No drow or warforged. Neither of us are big fans of monstrous races, so an application featuring a monstrous race needs to be exceptional to get in.
  • Background: You may choose one General or Forgotten Realms background benefit. No other background benefits may be used.
  • Themes: We will not be using themes for this game.
  • Equipment: One magic item of 4th, 3rd, and 2nd level, as well as 680 gp you can spend in any way you choose.
  • Allowed Sources: All official content and Dragon Magazine is allowed. I don't own all the material, so I may need to look certain things over.
  • Characters begin with one additional feat.

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Just a quick note: this game takes place in 1370. The Spellplague, which marked the arrival of the Dragonborn, didn't happen until 1385+. The Dragonborn player was asking about that, so I thought I'd let you know.

How about that? There's a large amount of strikers and a few amount of every other class applying. How typical. Well, I'm in to say I'm applying.

That's how it always is for any game sadly. I try to keep to defendery or 'leader' types for that reason, still sometimes a concept just demands you go striker.

Yeah, I try to avoid strikers too because a lot of people use them. I find clerics are rarely made and really useful, plus I had a mental image for a cleric, so that's where my app's going. =)

When usefulness and concept meet up, it's a beautiful thing.

Application Format
Name: Lyrandar Paynebrooke
Race: Eladrin
Class: Hybrid Warlord|Paladin of Corellon, Multiclass Swordmage
Alignment: Good

Very interested in this game! Applications aren't due for a while, so I will keep editing this application as ideas for the character come to me and I have the time. I've got a basic sheet for him; his story is pretty standard, but his mechanics are definitely odd! Not every day you see a Hybrid character of two STR classes with 10 STR that works .

EDIT: Sheet still in progress, but fluff is completed.

I'm considering applying to this one as well. My initial concept was a monk, but with the glut of strikers already, I will pass on that idea. Trying to decide on a role...

I'm up for making another application to roll a Warlord. I wouldn't mind, just want to make sure the DMs are alright with me making another character to apply with, or at least, the same character with a different back-story and class.

I just reread the application section and found my question about backstory answered. I am "smart". So I will get my backstory finished with that in mind!

Originally Posted by fishingpenguin View Post
A few people have brought this up, so let me just say that I have no problem with people new to 4e, and in fact we would be happy to help you learn the mechanics.
In that case I think I'll give it go. Wizard app on the way.

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