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4E Combat Tracker and Mapping Tools

4E Combat Tracker and Mapping Tools

Hi folks

Any good 4E combat trackers and any good simple map tools that are hosted online out there that people have used.

Running a 4E game on here, I have a couple of combat trackers but wanted to see if there was nything better I am missing.

Map wise I am looking for something simple to create and easy to move characters/monsters around on, preferably that is hosted online somewhere so I am not uploading screen shots etc.

Thx in advance

I'm running a 4e Against the Giants campaign on here, and like Witchslasher, I use ditzie for the combat maps (allows players to move / push enemies without the DM's intervention) ...

If you have difficulty getting started with ditzie (it isn't exactly user friendly initially), PM me and I'll help you out.

As for combat tracker, we use Google Docs, I'll PM you a link to ours so you can see how we use it.

I supply the players with AC / Ref / Fort / Will so they know if they have hit when they roll, they then apply the damage (working on a -x, I don't give them the HP, I let them know when the baddie is bloodied / dead).

Once again, any questions, PM me DZ

As Witchslasher says, ditzie is the way to go, it allows your players to move their characters / push an enemy on hit / etc without your intervention.

It's not the most user friendly to learn, but if you have difficutly, feel free to PM me, and I'll help you get set up

I am running a 4e Against the Giant campaign on here and I use ditze for the map and we use google docs (a spreadsheet) to keep track of Initiative / damage / APs used, etc)

I'll PM you with a link to it, feel free to download it and use it for your own game, once again, any queries, send me a PM

I'd recommend Google Docs. It allows multiple users to edit at the same time (prevents complications in a fast-moving combat), and has an easier to access revision history in case you need to track down a timeline of the moves. Not quite as many features as ditzie, but I definitely like those.

Second Google Docs. My maps aren't great, but I create them in Excel, convert them to jpeg, and then upload them into Google Draw. It's easy to make little shapes with character's initials, and I set the whole thing to un-private as possible so my players can move tokens, create colored shapes for zones, make notes, etc. It's not the prettiest, but it is easy.

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