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Mutants and Masterminds Straw Hat Pirates?

Mutants and Masterminds Straw Hat Pirates?

Hello, I've been here awhile, but I'm mostly a lurker. Regardless, I'm getting a new job soon and I've wanted to do a game in the One Piece world for a long time, so my first paycheck is going towards making that happen.

I've heard of people doing this with M&M, but I know almost nothing about the system. For the most part, I was wondering which edition to buy, and what, if any, splat books might be helpful to this type of campaign, or if you think I should use an entirely different system.

For reference, the setting would include people with varied magical abilities, "normal" people (PC normal) able to do things like wield three swords, use gadgets that can influence the weather, potentially quite a few races, and if the system allows for it, naval combat. I can live without the naval combat, but if someone knows a way to make it viable, or if the system itself does this, I would really appreciate knowing it.

I'd generally recommend the latest version of M&M, and naval combat can be handled simply by treating the ship as a creature, with its crew/build influencing its (generally quite high, especially in things like toughness and damage, not so high in dodge) statistics.

I highly recommend diving right into the latest and third-most edition, M&M3e. It has rules for putting stats on massive vehicles and mobile headquarters, which should probably handle most of what you need.

If you'd like any help getting started with the system, please feel free to send me a PM.

In my character in the one piece M&M 2e campaign currently running, I use the sword and sorcery like supplement for combat feats, but otherwise just do Ultimate power and the like. We don't have special ship to ship combat stuff though, so can't help you there.

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