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But they won't allow homosexuals

The BSA has only begun tehir policies of discrimination since the 1970s if you look here it details a timeline of increasing religious discrimination on the part of the BSA all the way from 1970 through 2002.
this website details how the current discrimination against homosexuality built from 1978 to today,
additionally you can see here that teh world scouting organization has some definite disagreements with the BSA.

It's interesting that the website you linked (they're all parts of the same website, so I'll just refer to it as a whole) is solely focused on exposing issues within the Boy Scouts, and yet, even within that site, I'm seeing evidence of groups moving away from that: Obama and Romney both coming out against any discriminatory policies (Breaking News, August 9th and 6th, respectively), a pack out of Massachusetts saying explicitly that they don't accept discriminatory practices (August 23rd), and United Way threatening to pull funding (August 24th). There is a lot of carrot and stick going on, but these are very plain signs to me that things are in the process of changing.

Keep in mind, the military discriminated against homosexuals as well up until last year, and yet they're also not a "bad" organization. It just means they're a bit slower to move along with the times than other groups. If you expect change to be instantaneous and sudden because you think that's the way it should be, well, that's just not how the world works.

I don't expect change to the instantaneous OR sudden. While much of the country is moving towards more acceptance of homosexuals, there are a lot of groups going the other way, and being a lot worse about it (Phelps, One Million Moms are big standouts for this)

I'm not denying there are groups attempting to change the situation, I'm just saying that on teh national level the trend has been towards greater intollerance despite these efforts. The fact that the BSA's current leadership is largely insulated from these efforts.

Originally Posted by Carnas View Post
Although if we want to get a religious view on this (the Girl Guide vow used to have "Do my duty to God" in it when I attended many moons ago and they are a sister group of the Girl Scouts so this is appropriate in a way), Jesus actually said to..."ignore all the laws that have come before".
I don't want to wade into this too deep, because I honestly know nothing of the Boy Scouts, but that is just outright erroneous. What he said was much closer to 'I came not to abolish the law, but fulfill it'--specifically referring to His status as the unblemished sacrifice for the sins of man inherent in their nature as opposed to the numerous laws regarding sacrifices and cleanliness/uncleanliness and atonement.

And, with that, I step out.


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