A New Gods for Mankind Game

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A New Gods for Mankind Game

New Gods for Old Worlds - Forum
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Have you ever wanted to be a God? If so, this game is for you! Take on the mantle of divinity and lead your people through turmoil and darkness, tend to their needs, bless their crops and crush their enemies. Only you can protect your followers.

I am looking either for a Pantheon of up to 5 Gods, or 4-5 individual Gods working in a similar area (or some version of these two, like a Trinity of Gods and then two individual Gods...), so please inform me in your application whether you are willing to have your God as a part of a Pantheon. If you decide to play a Pantheon, please feel free to create together.

Applications are to be made here, please create your own thread with the name of your God as the title. For the moment all I am looking for is a description of your God, their personality and how they feel toward their followers. Also include what your would like their primary domain to be in, this should be vague e.g. War, Love, Victory, Judgement, Law etc... Also include three secondary domains, these are more specific than your primary domain, and should be along the lines of Pirates, Horses, Dance, Clouds, Oaths etc... Finally, please include a few sample commandments that your God would have passed down to his followers (Do not wear Red Cloth, You must prey before you eat meat), this is just so I can get a feel for your God. Once we have the initial bits of information, we can start fully fleshing out your God together, or as a part of your Pantheon.

While the system I am using is "New Gods of Mankind", I am quite happy to take on players who have no recollection of the system and run the game in a more narrative fashion, while I handle the rules for them.

I would like players to be able to post once a day during the week and I am not worried about weekend posting as I work then.

Game Description:

New Gods for Old Worlds is a New Gods for Mankind game, the game where the players take on the roles of newly created Gods trying to lead and protector their followers in a dark and dangerous world.

Your people need you, they are lost on a rolling plains far from any signs of civilization. You have led them before in spirit, and now their belief has given you strength to become a God, all that they ask in return is that you help them find a home and watch over them.

I had a character in mind for a D&D game in D&D. Basically he was A DDiannious style god.

Woman, Booze, Gambling and Sorcery are his main things. Think of Sheogarath from Elder Scrolls. I can go see if I have the info for him for that D&D game and edit anything it needs for this. Not sure exactly how we are gods in this. New gods or old gods?

The premise of the game is that you ascended to Godhood, usually because you were a spirit of the tribe that was worshiped because of their great deeds. But you could have easily been a ghost or a demon that manipulated and tricked others into worshiping you.

The point is, that to become a God, it requires others to believe in you. Mechanically speaking, the game states that to have enough belief to become a God, you require 100 followers.

Okay groovy. I never played it before. Let me see if I have the information. Give me a day to get back to ya fool ya fool!

I've never actually played a game with this kind of concept. How exactly does it play out? I mean, yeah you're a god, great, but what does that mean you actually do within the game. I get you're supposed to lead them or whatever but how does that work? How do you lead them? What can you, a god actually do within the game?

The game focuses on expanding your followers and keeping your own ones from being smashed to bits by hostile forces. As a God you can pretty much do whatever it is you'd like in the mortal world, except create living souls. Through miracles, communicating with your followers (most often through a priest), creating heroes and powerful artifacts you can influence your people. You can even take human form and descend to the earth either openly as yourself or as a mysterious stranger. All these actions use up Belief, a finite resource that is created by displays of power and through worship.

The game is essentially open-ended, but the main aim to convert others to your religion.

Hmm. So like what if we want to fight another god? How is that done?

RTS mass religious follower battle? Or can I just appear in the form of a warrior and stab the other god in the face?

Fighting between Gods usually takes place by proxy with your followers. Should you want to harm or kill a God the only method is to remove their followers by conversion or violence. While two Gods can fight directly, either in "heaven" or on the earth, it achieves little because you are both essentially immortal so long as you have believers.

This actually sounds pretty cool. If you don't mind holding my hand along the way in explaining things when needed I'd love to apply.

I had assumed most people won't have heard of the game, so I planned to lead people along for a little bit, while we work through rules etc. Or if you prefer, I will work rules while you go for narrative stuff.


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