A New Gods for Mankind Game

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A New Gods for Mankind Game

New Gods for Old Worlds - Forum
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Have you ever wanted to be a God? If so, this game is for you! Take on the mantle of divinity and lead your people through turmoil and darkness, tend to their needs, bless their crops and crush their enemies. Only you can protect your followers.

I am looking either for a Pantheon of up to 5 Gods, or 4-5 individual Gods working in a similar area (or some version of these two, like a Trinity of Gods and then two individual Gods...), so please inform me in your application whether you are willing to have your God as a part of a Pantheon. If you decide to play a Pantheon, please feel free to create together.

Applications are to be made here, please create your own thread with the name of your God as the title. For the moment all I am looking for is a description of your God, their personality and how they feel toward their followers. Also include what your would like their primary domain to be in, this should be vague e.g. War, Love, Victory, Judgement, Law etc... Also include three secondary domains, these are more specific than your primary domain, and should be along the lines of Pirates, Horses, Dance, Clouds, Oaths etc... Finally, please include a few sample commandments that your God would have passed down to his followers (Do not wear Red Cloth, You must prey before you eat meat), this is just so I can get a feel for your God. Once we have the initial bits of information, we can start fully fleshing out your God together, or as a part of your Pantheon.

While the system I am using is "New Gods of Mankind", I am quite happy to take on players who have no recollection of the system and run the game in a more narrative fashion, while I handle the rules for them.

I would like players to be able to post once a day during the week and I am not worried about weekend posting as I work then.

Game Description:

New Gods for Old Worlds is a New Gods for Mankind game, the game where the players take on the roles of newly created Gods trying to lead and protector their followers in a dark and dangerous world.

Your people need you, they are lost on a rolling plains far from any signs of civilization. You have led them before in spirit, and now their belief has given you strength to become a God, all that they ask in return is that you help them find a home and watch over them.

Question: Could I be a handpuppet god? (Banjo style?) Or do they have to be, you know, alive, and capable of thought?

Having once been alive and being capable of thought are pretty much prerequisites for divinity in this game. However, you could create a hand-puppet artifact of power

Woo! Okay.

I'll make a Puppetteer, I guess. Primary domain: Magic, Secondary: The mind, Theatre, and Luck.

Got mine up and running. Have a look when you have a chance and start to pick it apart.

As I noted in my app I haven't played this system but am willing to learn it. Seems pretty interesting.

looks very interesting... since druids are already taken I think I'm gonna go off of a deviant on Posideon

Originally Posted by Sylas View Post
...since druids are already taken...
That's right! You will all bow to my mighty evergreens and dandelions.

Eh. Seems like three of us are basically nature gods, so far. Different flavors, but very similar primary domain.

I am thinking we might end up with a pantheon thing, or whatever, in any case. Assuming multiple nature-lovers are accepted.

Well, My character will probably have fun and puppeteer from the shadows, invisibility, and whatnot.

And my character has a really broad domain. Just because I couldn't think of a better one.


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