Application Process

Application Process

This is a First Level Game using the Pathfinder System. You can either use their published books or the Pathfinder SRD for game mechanics generation.

As Pathfinder is designed to co-exist with the standard 3.5 system; I will accept non-standard classes from 3.5 supplements if someone has a really, really, really good pitch. I am unfond of some of the more outlandish OGL creations but I myself can cherry pick through some of the feats and classes and find things I like. So long as it does not seem like munchkinisim then give it a go. Also, if there is already a Pathfinder System Class that has the same function, that is what you should use. No 'tome' character classes; from what I have seen of those they are just cribbing notes from Pathfinder anyways. Anything with the words "Dread", "Exalted" or "Vile" in their title are highly suspect.

I feel that the Summoner Class is over powered, particularly at lower levels. And at higher levels just requires too much paperwork.

I feel that the Alchemist Class has potential that has been ruined by too many people trying to play one as if it were Crazy Harry from the Muppets.

As such, I will not accept characters from either of these classes.

A completed character sheet is not required at this time. You can make them, I just do not require them yet. Having a good feel for your character is more important to me than the game mechanics.

Character Building Game Mechanics (Because Even When It Is Said They Are Not Needed, Everyone Does It Anyways)

Has Anyone Not Seen My Rants Against Random Character Stats?
Point Build Character Attributes
High Fantasy 25 Points.

Pick Two Traits.
One Must Be From This List

First Level
Maximum Money
Maximum Hit Points

Post Individual Threads


Please format your submissions as follows :

Name : Your Character, not you.
Race : Self Explanatory
Class : Please link to Pathfinder SRD or some web resource where I can find it.

Brief Description : An actual written description is required. Pictures are nice but not required. (Put Picture Links in Spoiler Tags at the bottom of the submission Please) Both a physical description and a bit of their general attitude. Consider how someone is introduced in a novel. Besides how tall or the color of their hair, give a bit of how they carry themselves. Cheerful? Reserved? Watchful? Gregarious? Studious? Bookish? Nerdy? Naive?

Brief History : A longer history can be appended at the bottom of the submission in Spoiler Tags Please. Just a quick once over of where the character has lived and any significant events in their life. Use of pronouns instead of proper names is encouraged. Please include some idea of the character's family. Do not need exact details, but if there are siblings or parents still around somewhere give us a hint.

The last lines of this part should tell why the Character is in Sandpoint. Visiting family? Waiting for the next ship out? Interested in the Swallowtail Festival? Hiding from the Law?

List the Campaign Trait you intend to choose.

Tell Me Something :
(Give me a feel for your character. A feel for how you will interact with others. An essay about their goals. An idea of what occurrences impelled them to become 'an adventurer' or whatever. Quantity is not a substitution for Quality)

Examples: Pick somewhere between two and five of these, or if you think of something else you'd rather tell so long as it's something I can get a feel of your character's style.

Write about one significant person in your character's past. The person responsible for propelling them into the life of an Adventurer. Could be a negative influence as well as a positive. A kindly one-eyed thief that taught you the ropes and opened your eyes to wider horizons. A harsh task master who always told you that you'd never amount to anything so now you're set to prove him wrong. Please do not feel you have to do a 'Batman' and kill this person off.

There are Traits that go with this Adventure Path. You must choose one of them to be one of your traits. Write something about how that trait applies to your character or is significant in their personality or life experience.

Even if your character is not a religious class, what is their attitude towards religion? If your character is of a religious class, what is their attitude towards the irreverent? (There are no atheists in a world that has actual godly manifestations. You can hope they just leave you alone, but you can't claim there is no evidence of their existence)

What does your character do between adventures?

If someone wronged your character, how do they react? Violently? What is the difference in the level of violence between getting bumped in the press of a crowd and being bumped and then noticing you've been pick pocketed?

Someone doesn't like you. But instead of going after you, they beat up a tavern wench who is your friend. What do you do?

Someone really likes you. Not in a romantic fashion, but they are just too chummy for you. They are maybe more crude than you prefer, or maybe too much of a dandy for you to be seen hanging out with. But they heard of some famous thing you did and they have money to burn and always want to buy you drinks and tell people you're best friends. How do you react? Do you take advantage of the free drinks and talk dreck behind their back? Do you avoid them? If they are of the appropriate sex, do you take advantage of their interest to bed them? (Please Use Fade to Black if you feel you must go into details)

Someone used to bully you when you were young. Before you were an adventurer or even a novice at your profession. A cousin, a kid from the village, a schoolmate or even someone who was in early training with you. Either through teasing or physically chasing you down and thrashing you, they made at least a year of your life pretty miserable with childish bullying. Now it's ten or so years later and they come to you and really need your help. Calling upon 'all the fun we had as kids' as a connection, they beg for you to save their daughter or something else that typically adventurers are called to do. Do you help them?

Your character has some favorite item, a talisman of their past. A book of psalms given to them by their mother. An old knife that grampa joe taught you to whittle with. The odd knick-knack you found as a teen that has always been your good luck charm. Tell me about it.

Extra Credit : Answer These Questions in Brief (One or two lines at most)
What is your character's favorite food?
Where do they get their clothing cleaned? (Or do they just throw away dirty things and buy more?)
Name One Guilty Pleasure.
Is your character allergic to anything? (Sneeze around horses or get a rash from eating broccoli sort of allergies)
When was the last time your character laughed?
Bacon: (Pick One)
- Foul Flesh of an Unclean Beast!
- Ooh, so greasy, you already have trouble getting the armor fastened, don't you?
- Proof that the Gods really love us!

What I am looking for (beyond the connection to the campaign and some idea of a person in your character's bio) is a feel for your character. A sense of how you will play them and how they might interact with the other players.

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