Things Unlikely to be Accepted

I don't care for Homebrewed Races or Classes. I will not consider them.
On many things I can be debated. On this subject there is no wiggle room.

L33T Speak and poor spelling/grammar. Unacceptable. If you do not have time to re-read your post and edit the more glaring errors in spelling or grammar than don't post. Wait until you have time. Almost ever browser has it's own spell checker these days but don't rely on it to save you from homonyms or transposed letters that still spell words. Here is
Had a PC in a game who had a Lion motif. Lion armor, Lion roar power, a pack of Lions as his personal guardians/minions. Guy kept spelling it "Loin" instead of "Lion" and when he first contacted other PCs with 'a rampant loin on his shield and a pack of roaring loins' around him they laughed him out of my game.
a cautionary tale for people who rely too much on spell checker. The occasional accident happens, but habitually bad spelling or being lazy is not tolerable.

Monstrous Humanoid Races. Most of them are too reviled by the human population to be allowed. Goblins are obviously out of the question. Pure bred orcs, kobalds, gnolls and so on are similarly not allowed in town. Cry foul all you want about it, this is a tough world and people are aware of the dangerous wilderness around. A lone gnoll approaching town is pretty likely to be shot on sight. That is, if he isn't mobbed by farmers and their dogs on the way in to town. Goblins and kobalds might get close to town, after all most people consider them dangerous nuisances, like africanized bees but do not feel seriously threatened by one of them. But considering the set up of Burnt Offerings, no one is currently laughing about them and every hand is against them.

Drow are almost unknown in the world and unless you come up with a very different and entertaining idea a Drow PC will not be considered. "I'm the only good Drow" is not a different or entertaining idea.

Planetouched : Go for it. The ancient empire which once ruled this area for a double dozen centuries did turn to evil, devil worshipping and all sorts of debauchery. There is also a more current empire that is rather well known for it's evil ways. Either of these are reason enough for a PC to be a Tiefling. Or any other Planetouched creature. Bear in mind that I am unlikely to choose more than one. With that in mind, HERE are my rules on Plane Touched Characters.

Gnomes & Halflings : I have made some changes listed HERE.

One Trick Ponies : Characters which appear to be unbalanced combat machines are going to be useless for about half of the adventure encounters and are unlikely to be accepted. This rule applies just as much to the magician who manages to wrangle a 22 Intelligence somehow but ends up too weak to carry a dagger and dies if someone gives him a hard look; a feeble invalid is just as bad as a lackwit thug.

Evil Characters : The set up for this adventure is that the players have saved the town in an act of heroism. If your character is not the sort of individual who would risk his life for others then he didn't join up with the rest of the group to continue on past the initial encounter. I won't say it is impossible for an evil person to be in the group, but it does seem highly unlikely. A selfish person might defend the town initially, after all it is just saving his own skin. Beyond that, a truly evil person seems disinclined to go out and risk his life without an obvious profit to himself.

Loner-Angsty-Tough Guys : Your character's personality is your choice. That being said, I am not going to waste a ton of time and energy cajoling your character to join the others. If your character is the kind of person who is going to sit in the bar and brood over how unfair the world has been to them and wait for adventure to push them into a corner, then your character sat there crying in his beer while everyone else went off to adventure. I like dark characters, I can enjoy someone who is written with deep motives and emotional scars. I just don't like having to drag people along kicking and screaming to get them into the adventure with the rest of the players.