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Intro for a new RPer

Intro for a new RPer

Hey guys Im deoxsys and Ive been playing a lot of games and such but could never find the people for a DnD game or anything of the sort. I finally found a home in a website like this in which I can embrace my creative imagination I have already joined one game and I just joined tonight and I hope to be a part of a bunch of games as I learn more about the game. This being my first DnD character/experience its all new to me so ill slowly be learning all of the things I need to help me be better as a player. If anyone has any tips for new starts post here or message me it would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks a lot!

Welcome to the world.
Let me just give you one bit of advice: D20 SRD is SUPER useful, you will learn much from it.
Other than that, enjoy your stay. ^.^


I'm making the rounds and greeting a few fellow newbies, so greets and welcome to the site!

Hope you have lots of fun!

Agreed. is probably the most useful thing on the planet. That, and if you want some really good advice, poke around the GM workshop. all the smarty pants of the game hang out there.

Welcome! I just want to say, that while the d20srd is amazingly useful you might still need to ask your DM for help every once in a while because it is missing a few vital pieces of information (vital for newbies at least) such as the step-by-step guide on how to create a character. It's not a big deal, and it's fairly easy to find the information anyway, but if you can't find the info on the site just ask someone, it's good but it's not 100%.

That said, I do hope you like it here!

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