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Refugee knocking at your door.

Refugee knocking at your door.

So... the site I play PbP at has been down for almost a week now. I'm suffering D&D withdrawals, and I'm fairly certain that even if it comes back up, the games will be dead. Keeping a PCs attention in PbP for any length of time is like trying to dig a hole in water. So, I thought I'd clasp on my traveler's cloak and venture out into the wild (internet) for new communities and games. MythWeavers's (Mthweavers'?) reputation precedes it, and I love your character sheets.

So, here I am... hanging out in the tavern, holding my mug of ale, brooding by the fireplace, waiting to see what new adventures and quests present itself.

Welcome to the weave! It's a good place to be, even if it sometimes takes a little while to find a game that fits your own personal tastes. Hope you like it... and please leave your sanity at the door, this isn't a sanity friendly place.

Originally Posted by Michael View Post
Which other site?
GiTP took their forums down for "maintenance".
They came up this morning.

:3 poor guy. Myth-weavers goes down sometimes, but Rodrigo is all like "Kechow! Wasmack! Code Code Code Code Code. KABLAM! Madness Combat Backflip" and we're back online. :3 its quite impressive to watch... er... visualize at least.

What's even better is when we say "Hey fancy admin guys, this is broken/could be better" and half an hour later you get a reply along the lines of "That feature has been fixed/added/rejected"
The work ethics and skill of the people running this show is more than impressive.

@Truth, if you decide to stay, avoid the cupcakes.

Because not only is he new here, he sounds as if he may be useful to us. He has friends, some of whom may follow him over (we aren't allowed to poach, but that won't stop followers. I followed WoLT, and he left here long before I even came) but if the Inexorable Truth dies, I think his friends may invade, rather than assimilate.
You should start claiming more souls from the useless, and less from the useful...

Originally Posted by DaReaper95 View Post
Rodrigo is all like "Kechow! Wasmack! Code Code Code Code Code. KABLAM! Madness Combat Backflip"
Once... I had to nearly mime this, but fortunately we were able to utilize
The Title option at the top of your post.


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