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Let's Play Guild Wars 2!!

This is an odd question, and mods, if you feel this is inappropriate, please delete it.

Speaking of crafting, I'm level 389 Artificier and 400 Jeweler. If you have any jewelry, staves, foci, scepter, or trident needs, let me know and I'll craft one for you. Drarnor Kunoram is the character you want to message. There will, however, be a fee, as the materials are not always in my bank.

So, who all is still playing?

I don't play as much as I did at first, but I usually still hop on for an hour or two every day. My highest character is level 74, who I've left to collect dust, because I'm dreading going to Orr.

I am still playing!

Don't dread going to Orr. It's really fun. REALLY fun! Straits of Devastation is kind of frustrating but Malchor's Leap is awesome. I haven't done Cursed Shore much yet.

It's a tough three zones. It'll get easier once you have a full set of level 80 gear (even if it's only level 80 blues) but it's still tough! Lots of spawns, but also lots of events to do. All three zones are basically one event after another and it's so much fun.

From what I've heard about it, it's a clusterf*ck of broken events and a sea of tightly-packed undead that have ridiculously quick respawn timers.

I have not been on in a while.. I'd like to, but just been a bit busy and most of my gaming time has gone back into Starcraft 2..

Hopefully I'll set some time and jump on once again! Is the game still pretty busy or did WoW kind of slow it down?

Game still seems pretty hopping to me! I have not noticed a significant slowdown.

@Greyfeld: It's gotten a lot better with regards to the broken events. The tightly-packed undead with fast respawns is not far off but I think it's a good thing. It makes Orr feel properly dangerous, not like most of the non-elite endgame zones found in WoW.

I dunno, I think undead are annoying enough that having them constantly respawning would be more annoying than threatening.

"Constantly" is a bit of an exaggeration You get breathing time, and it's not like you're getting jumped every time you take a step. The mob density is thicker, yes, but it's not impossible to navigate. And the respawns feel a little faster but I'm not sure if they actually are or if it's because there are more mobs.

Whatever the case, it's not unmanageable. It just requires the player to be a bit more careful.

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