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Let's Play Guild Wars 2!!

The only I've made money is selling all the craft ingredients I stockpiled before the chef nerf

I've found that selling unwanted blues/greens to merchants nets a steady but not super-exciting income. Level 80 explomo dungeons can net a profit of 30-50s. I thiiiiiiiink I got like 30s just as the dungeon completion reward in Crucible of Eternity the other night. However this is not really efficient unless you can clear the dungeon in a reasonable time. It took us about 3 hours to clear the submarine path, but none of us had ever done it before.

I imagine salvaging and selling certain high-demand runes is a good way to make cash. Pirate's Runes are highly sought after. Also selling crafting mats should be a good way to make more money. Run around Orr for a while and sell excess. Stack your magic find stat for exploring and see what drops. You can get some good stuff that either sells for a good amount to vendors or has a rune you can hock for a fair sum.

I check the TP on every green I pick up, because some of them sell for 2-4 silver a pop. The rest of them goes to the vendor. All light armor gets salvaged into cloth scraps, which gets sold on the TP. Since my material slot for copper/iron/silver ore and the first two tiers of lumber, I sell all of that. I also sell all unidentified dyes, although they've dropped by about 2 silver over the last week and a half.

I hear that people can make something like 1.5g an hour by doing events in Orr, but I wouldn't know from personal experience.

I still play quite often. Just waiting on more friends to get to the end of their stories to do the Arah dungeon.

For those of you that choose to kill the Mouth (you'll know what I'm talking about), there is a budding Charr romance in that mission. It made me smile.

I still play, a 4-5 hours a week.

I haven't been on, just because I didn't have the time for it.

But when I went online it really seemed like everyone was gone (10-14 part of the Sylvari), which wasn't too great.

Brisban Wildlands were a relatively empty in my experience, too. I think that has more to do with the fact that it's out of the way and fewer people play sylvari and asura than other races.

Also, I just killed the Mouth last night and it did have an excellent budding romance :3

Brisban Wildlands is just empty because there is no reason for anyone but Ausra and Sylvari to go there as part of their personal stories, and there really is no great boss or loot to be had.

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