Middle Earth really let itself go...

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Middle Earth really let itself go...

PostApocalyptic Fantasy - Forum
GURPS - Fantasy
Estimated Members Requested: 6

PCs will be a party of adventurers recruited by the High Council. Can I please have at least three players this time? Please?

Will posting a picture of a kitten help? A baby seal maybe?

Anyway, point total is 150 (disadv. limit 50), and we'll be running with the Basic Set, GURPS Magic, and Mass Combat if the need arises. No Low-Tech, sorry.

I think part of the reason I get so little participation in these games is that few people know GURPS. Well, the cool thing about GURPS is, you can download a super-condensed version of the rules here (just add it to your cart and checkout as if you were going to buy something, the site will notice you're only buying free things and not ask you for payment info). You'll need my help actually creating a character, but I'm more than willing to provide.

Anyway, post-apocalyptic generic fantasy. You'll be on a task to investigate rumors that the insane wizard (of the coast) Glyiglax is still alive, and trying to finish the job.


Hi, I'm Schilcote. I've had a recent rash of games failing or even just being stillborn, but before then I was a pretty dependable GM. You can usually count on me for at least a turn a day, though sometimes things interfere with that. I'm also somewhat funny, and awfully creative when the need arises. Go ahead, don't be shy, sign up! You'll be glad you did.

Game Description:

Entlaria was... well, it was your basic generic Middle Earth rip off.

Then the evil wizard Glyiglax ruined everything.

The elves were almost entirely wiped out, leaving barely enough population for the species to sustain itself. The dwarves shut themselves up in their mountainhomes, never to be heard from again except for the occasional outcast.

And man... man survived.

Campaign Stats:

TL: 2 (Iron Age: 600 BC)
Starting Wealth: $750
Available Points: 150
Genre: Generic Fantasy/Post-Apocalyptic

Background Info:

25 years ago at the beginning of the game, an insane wizard by the name of Glyiglax cast a spell of ultimate destruction. It caused all non-living food to instantly rot, much of Entlaria's soil to become infertile, and immediately killed much of the world's population (especially elves, who had a natural susceptibility to magic).

The Dwarves, once frequent trading partners of man, were never heard from again, shutting themselves in their underground caves. The elves no longer have the numbers to maintain their population.

But man survived. Tribal communities dot the landscape, subsisting on what little will grow in the magically salted soil. Near the center of the known world, a great human civilization exists- the Endarchy of Phitopia. The Endarchy is run by a central council of four elders, who indirectly control the entire government. Their orders are carried out by concentric rings of increasingly less powerful and more specific government employees. An order to increase the price of bread may come from the High Council, then be passed to the under-councillors, then passed to the eight regional leaders, then passed to each police barracks in each region, and finally to the bakers, by means of the police.

The High Council has been known to seek out daring adventurers for important, dangerous tasks.

Character Templates can be found in this handy-dandy .RTF:


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Kind of odd how this place slows down on weekends. You'd think it'd be the other way 'round.

It's good. Just need Polka and Nirruden. (and you have to post in the char thread of course.)

I'll post what I have so far, but I'm pretty sure that it will be a nightmare in actual play. I lack the experience with the system to know what's wrong with it. Here it is so far.

If you don't feel like waiting around for me, I completely understand. I've benefited already just from engaging in the process of character creation.

I don't see any problems with-

wait... did you not set any points aside for skills? D:

Yeah, that would definitely cause a problem...

Ah well, I guess we'll just start a player short. You can join up later, if you feel like giving it a shot. I'm almost always open to new players joining.

Originally Posted by Schilcote View Post
wait... did you not set any points aside for skills? D:
So relying upon skill defaults and a useful (but small) set of advantages is a bad idea? (Yeah, that's the sort of stuff I just didn't know about the system.)

I had been figuring that there wasn't a whole lot of innate knowledge he'd have. He could do mental manipulation and could try to figure stuff out, but a lot of things he'd be a relative novice with.

What sorts of skills would you recommend as a minimum? How many points should I figure on assigning to them?

Also, would bumping IQ 3 times, bumping HT twice, and leaving the other abilities at 10, be a bad idea?

I also hadn't statted out the ally. I was thinking that it would be flavorful (and useful) for him to have a talking raven sidekick. The raven might be more adept/knowledgeable/worldly-wise.

Considering IQ 3+ is bordering on superhuman, yes. More HT might make sense for a creature made of wood, but generally stats should be kept within the +-2 range. The idea of skill defaults is less "this guy is so smart/strong/dexterous that he's good at everything automatically" and more "oh crap I don't know how to do this, but it's kinda like this other thing I know how to do/I might be able to figure it out on my own"

Looking at the skill list, I'm not sure there are any that it would really make sense for your character to have. But a character with no skills is pretty close to useless. But then, you have some useful advantages too...

I dunno. Maybe it's just a poor character idea. And to tell you the truth, I'm not a great fan of psionics in fantasy anyway...

Here are the things he can do already:
Communicate with anything possessing a mind, even animals
Rip answers to questions from the mind of anything with which he can establish communication
Hold things in place with bonds of wind
Ask his ally for help

As far as psionics go, I wish it had some other name. "Mind magic" seems to fit the genre, but the psionics fiction I've read has been almost exclusively sci-fi. In the present case, I was conceptualizing it as some sort of blightborn emanation, much like the lifebane. It's the residue of powerful magics, both granting the creature sentience and making it a thing of seeping corruption--at least potentially. (Mombi's actually relatively benign, but has not developed the deep-seated moral strictures that guide the behavior of other sentients.)

As for skills, you can look at the math for why it's bad to just rely on defaults. Putting a point in skills ups that skill by 4, while DX and IQ cost 20 and up all skills default by 1. So unless you plan on using 80 DX or IQ based skills on a regular basis, you're better off putting at least one point into each skill you plan on using (Though obviously DX and IQ have some other advantages). On top of that, because of the bell curve, you usually want your important skills to be at least 12, so you have to have really good stats to reliably succeed off defaults.

There was a post on the GURPS forums by the line editor about skills most heroes should have if you want a short list to look over. It's slightly more geared towards modern settings, but it's not a bad starting point.


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