A New Gods for Mankind Game

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A New Gods for Mankind Game

New Gods for Old Worlds - Forum
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Have you ever wanted to be a God? If so, this game is for you! Take on the mantle of divinity and lead your people through turmoil and darkness, tend to their needs, bless their crops and crush their enemies. Only you can protect your followers.

I am looking either for a Pantheon of up to 5 Gods, or 4-5 individual Gods working in a similar area (or some version of these two, like a Trinity of Gods and then two individual Gods...), so please inform me in your application whether you are willing to have your God as a part of a Pantheon. If you decide to play a Pantheon, please feel free to create together.

Applications are to be made here, please create your own thread with the name of your God as the title. For the moment all I am looking for is a description of your God, their personality and how they feel toward their followers. Also include what your would like their primary domain to be in, this should be vague e.g. War, Love, Victory, Judgement, Law etc... Also include three secondary domains, these are more specific than your primary domain, and should be along the lines of Pirates, Horses, Dance, Clouds, Oaths etc... Finally, please include a few sample commandments that your God would have passed down to his followers (Do not wear Red Cloth, You must prey before you eat meat), this is just so I can get a feel for your God. Once we have the initial bits of information, we can start fully fleshing out your God together, or as a part of your Pantheon.

While the system I am using is "New Gods of Mankind", I am quite happy to take on players who have no recollection of the system and run the game in a more narrative fashion, while I handle the rules for them.

I would like players to be able to post once a day during the week and I am not worried about weekend posting as I work then.

Game Description:

New Gods for Old Worlds is a New Gods for Mankind game, the game where the players take on the roles of newly created Gods trying to lead and protector their followers in a dark and dangerous world.

Your people need you, they are lost on a rolling plains far from any signs of civilization. You have led them before in spirit, and now their belief has given you strength to become a God, all that they ask in return is that you help them find a home and watch over them.

Bees? Why not wasps? Bees make honey.

Originally Posted by Kerim View Post
Bees? Why not wasps? Bees make honey.
I considered it. Probably those giant godawful Japanese abomination-hornets.

Originally Posted by WhiteKnight777 View Post
Probably those giant godawful Japanese abomination-hornets.
Japanese honeybees are way scarier. Those big hornets come around and the bees surround them until the hornet's organs melt.

was wondering what technilogical era the game's taking place, and how much magic is expected (such as DnD tech/magic, or greek/roman times w/ no magic, possibly modern w/ lots of magic, etc.)

In regards to technology, the game assumes that everybody starts at a tribal level, but I am more than happy to have the beginning tribes with knowledge of metallurgy and agriculture. Regarding Magic, normal believers have access to no magic unless supernaturally granted.

The game is still in the application stage so feel free to write something up.

AKA my people are going to have magic. Prestidigitation at least.

Originally Posted by WhiteKnight777 View Post
Nice! The "Mafia" image makes me thing that the temple also runs protection racket. "Whadda nice house ya got there. It would be a shame if it were to be hit by, ah, whaddaya callit, a lightning bolt?" [suggestive rattling of a collection plate]
Come, now. That would be crass and thuggish.

Certainly the goddess offers protection to her followers, in exchange for their devotion and regular offerings. And it is indeed possible that some people would stubbornly refuse this offer while their neighbors accept. From there, it follows that She would extend her protection... selectively... over the tribe in question, and and it's safe to say She would not be displeased if something catastrophic happened to them, seeing as it would nicely demonstrate the value of her protection. A cynical soul might even suspect that she is responsible for such disasters.

But it would be terribly rude to suggest such things to the goddess's face. This is a respectable institution, sir.

hmm I'm kind of debating wether to have my god be brand new to his god-dom (as his background currently states) or maybe a century old or so... I'm kind of leaning towards brand-new, it'll be fun playing a guy that can accidently blow up a continent and not even realise that he did it (or that he could do it)

While the game more or less assumes that the Gods are new, I can quite happily work with Gods who are in the Twilight of the reign, or maybe just never really that popular


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