Try your hand at Incarnum!

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Try your hand at Incarnum!

Incarnum: The Rending - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Ad Closes: Oct 17 '12
Estimated Members Requested: 4

Incarnates needed! Soulborn required! That's right, the time has come to dust off everyone's favourite supplement! No, not Tome of Battle, Magic of Incarnum! I know you've probably lost it by now, but just turn off the lights and follow the blue glow.

This is a brief one-shot to give people a chance to roll out stuff using Magic of Incarnum.

The setting is a world in which much is the same as in most D&D games, but incarnum is the only kind of magic known; there is limited spellcasting but it's all derived from the same source.

You play as L5 characters tasked with destroying the Necrocarnum Zombie(s) which have been plaguing your town, either because you're heroes or because the pay's good.

Most any WotC books and web excepts are open BUT no "magical" classes aside from meldshapers.
For full character creation rules, see here.

Game Description:

Alternate magic systems interest me. What if there was no Vancian magic, no Wizards, no Sorcerers? What if there were only - in this case - wielders of Incarnum?

Welcome to a world where one of D&D's least-used supplements takes centre stage. Here, all magic comes from the power of souls past - and future. What little magic there is that resembles "traditional" D&D magic will simply be a derivative of incarnum, drawn from the same sources.

This will be a one-shot game in which the players are called upon to hunt down a dangerous necrocarnate, designed to introduce people to Magic of Incarnum or give them a chance to play it, only for non-spellcasters and incarnum classes.

Seems alot of 3.5 games are sort of flushed and low on members, seems we have hit critical mass for games per player

MoI is quite fun! I love it. Unfortunately it was one of the 3.5 products that came exceedingly late in the lifecycle, didn't get any support really, and was truly experimental (just like Tome of Magic and Tome of Battle). They attempted to create 3 base classes for it; incarnate, soulborn, and totemist. They were supposed to map to the model of a full bab, medium bab, and poor bab class with accompanying abilities. The problem from a mechanics point is that the full bab class is too insignificant in incarnum use and the poor bab class is questionably better than the medium bab class. Both the Soulborn and the Incarnate need minor tweaks to play on their strengths properly and hold up as well as a Totemist does. The Incarnate less so than the Soulborn, heh.

Ultimately the fact that additional soulmelds were never released in official sources has crippled them, similar to a lack of a variety for shadowcasters, binders, warlocks, and maneuvers for ToB classes. Considering custom/homebrew additions would greatly increase your variety of options here. Just saying.

Well, the Incarnate (low BAB) could be better at melee than the Soulborn (high BAB). The big thing though was next to no support (Dragon Magic, which had soulmelds as overpowered as everything else Draconic is, and a couple of Psionic ones on the Mind's Eye, 3/4 of which were Psionic versions of existing soulmelds).

However, I don't really want to start going into homebrew - I'm already doing enough making changes to accommodate the lack of spellcasting without losing too many options from the book. I'd rather this were just a chance for people to try Incarnum out - a lot of the time it actually just works better as an augmentation to other stuff (the Cobalt feats being great choices for lots of characters, say).

I think I've been playing too much Borderlands 2... necrocarnum zombie just makes me think of some of the enemies in that game, lol.

I'd totally love to play, incarnum is a very interesting and fun magic source I've only been able to use once and would love to try again.

in progress application

Kali. Rilikan incarnate (CN)
Kali is tall around six foot two, she has shoulder length brown hair and green eyes. She has purplish scales poking out from her collar and along her forearms. She wears simple clothing under her armor and carries a sheild. She is a fierce warrior of her beliefs and fights for freedom above all else. She carries no weapon but her soulmelds and holds strong to the belief that her power can get her through any problem she may face.
A few words on how your character got one of their items (i.e. the up-to-4k one) and what it means to them. It's OK if this is just "I bought it"/"I was given it" etc, but flesh it out a bit.
How would your character react if faced with a) a locked door they must pass: She would likely try and break it down unless she had another means at her disposal such as a key or an ally who could make it not locked. b) a really scary monster: Face it square in the eyes draw her shield and head straight into the frey c) If there are other prisoners she would rally them to her cause and escape if not she would find her own way out.
Why is your character hunting Necrocarnum Zombies? She fights to keep others safe and protect their freedoms against anyone who would try and change that.
What's your favourite D&D 3.5 supplement? Magic of Incarnum, and Complete Scoundrel, it's a two way tie

Is this still open to players? If so I'd be interested!

I'm new to Myth Weavers but I have played on another PbP forum, running two games and playing in two. Would just need to get to grips with this one Which I'm sure I'll do quickly if you'll have me.

Thinking Soulborn or Incarmage... Or maybe totemist. Wait thats them all XD thinking up a character will take me a bit of time!

@Chyrson Character applications go in this thread... HERE. You make a single post, roll at the top (unless going point buy), and then simply edit in your application after that. You can continue to make edits and refine your character post as you like. Just don't move the rolls around as it can mess them up.

@Fernfur It is still open and isn't a "first come first served" type of situation. It's one of those DM picks from a pool of applicants, usually too many good ones, and has to turn away a slew of others.


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