A New Gods for Mankind Game

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A New Gods for Mankind Game

New Gods for Old Worlds - Forum
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Have you ever wanted to be a God? If so, this game is for you! Take on the mantle of divinity and lead your people through turmoil and darkness, tend to their needs, bless their crops and crush their enemies. Only you can protect your followers.

I am looking either for a Pantheon of up to 5 Gods, or 4-5 individual Gods working in a similar area (or some version of these two, like a Trinity of Gods and then two individual Gods...), so please inform me in your application whether you are willing to have your God as a part of a Pantheon. If you decide to play a Pantheon, please feel free to create together.

Applications are to be made here, please create your own thread with the name of your God as the title. For the moment all I am looking for is a description of your God, their personality and how they feel toward their followers. Also include what your would like their primary domain to be in, this should be vague e.g. War, Love, Victory, Judgement, Law etc... Also include three secondary domains, these are more specific than your primary domain, and should be along the lines of Pirates, Horses, Dance, Clouds, Oaths etc... Finally, please include a few sample commandments that your God would have passed down to his followers (Do not wear Red Cloth, You must prey before you eat meat), this is just so I can get a feel for your God. Once we have the initial bits of information, we can start fully fleshing out your God together, or as a part of your Pantheon.

While the system I am using is "New Gods of Mankind", I am quite happy to take on players who have no recollection of the system and run the game in a more narrative fashion, while I handle the rules for them.

I would like players to be able to post once a day during the week and I am not worried about weekend posting as I work then.

Game Description:

New Gods for Old Worlds is a New Gods for Mankind game, the game where the players take on the roles of newly created Gods trying to lead and protector their followers in a dark and dangerous world.

Your people need you, they are lost on a rolling plains far from any signs of civilization. You have led them before in spirit, and now their belief has given you strength to become a God, all that they ask in return is that you help them find a home and watch over them.

Originally Posted by The Snark View Post
But it would be terribly rude to suggest such things to the goddess's face. This is a respectable institution, sir.
Let's see how respectable your temple is when it's full of knife-wielding simians in stylish apparel. Fine chapeaus might be involved.

Contrary to popular rumor, a barrel of monkeys is quite lacking in the "fun" department. And good luck getting the smell out of the barrel.

Originally Posted by TremblingVines View Post
While the game more or less assumes that the Gods are new, I can quite happily work with Gods who are in the Twilight of the reign, or maybe just never really that popular
I'm operating under this assumption - Reyl is as much a folk hero as a god, and though his legends are widespread, he gets little actual worship. Because most people realize that worshiping a trickster-figure is a dangerous proposition.

Just a quick update, applications will be closing on Sunday night, and I will be selecting the successful Gods on Monday morning, so there is still time for a last minute application.

After reviewing my schedule, I've come to the conclusion that I don't really have enough free time to commit to a game like this, and won't be submitting a character after all. Good luck to the rest of you!

Thank you all for your applications, after much thought about the game I would like to run, I have selecting the following Gods for the game.

Corram Lightbringer by KingGoblin
Rely the Trickster by WhiteKnight777
Kreemear by twen5
Asa the Great Mother by AscendedMaster
Necruim by Coren

For those of you unsuccessful, I will keep your names in mind in case of drop outs or game expansions etc.

For those successful more information will follow shortly.


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