A different kind of Star Wars Story...Yours

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A different kind of Star Wars Story...Yours

Star Wars: Fall of the Rebellion - Forum
Star Wars - Infinities
Estimated Members Requested: 4

Let's make a different story together.

Game Description:

The Rebellion has fallen, and the Empire has won. With the death of Obi Wan Kenobi at the hands of Anakin Skywalker; the Republic was crushed at the hands of the Empire led by the Emperor and Darth Vader. Padme still died, and Darth Vader found his daughter Leia, and took her after killing her adoptive parents. Anakin and the Emperor then destroyed every Jedi temple they could find. Anyone who came across their path died, including many of the Sith.

The Empire is cruel, but at the same time delivers peace to the galaxy, because all who oppose the empire are crushed.

This game happens several years (around 50) after Episode 3, where the above happens. An uneasy peace has settled over the galaxy because the rebellion has been quelled, so everyone thinks.

Jedi and Sith both fell before Darth Vader who was never put into a suit that reduced his powers.

Everyone is just trying to survive in a world that is cruel.

You have been contacted by an anonymous person for a job, needing the credits (for a reason I want you to give me) you decide to accept.

Called to Mos Espa, you are each hanging out in a Cantina and get attacked by bandits!

This is going to be a D6 system of Star Wars. I'm pretty much open to anything pass it by me and we will discuss it and come to an agreement.

I have found this website to be invaluable
Star Wars D6 Holocron

write up a character you want to play, remembering the Jedi have been pretty much extinguished as have the Sith.

This does not mean you can be a force user, just means you don't have a lightsaber, and no formal Jedi training (both... yet)
you could still use the force as just a force user knowingly or not

Any questions....ask!

I'm interested too. I will put something together. Do we just use the character template for our mini story as well? Or PM those details?

When you create your post for your application just reply to it with the details....anything you want to keep secret just put in private tags

The Noghri still serve the Empire as their assassins. Since Leah never went to their planet and convinced them otherwise she instead went and Solidified the Empire's hold on their species.

The Coynites see the empire as the strongest faction (at least right now) and have basically put their allegiances with them. Very few have not followed the Empire and have left their families to go a different way.

The Gamorrean are the Gamorrean.


Coynites, sure, but need to have a good backstory.

Gamorrean, I guess although I don't know how well that would fit with the group.

Anybody who wants to put in an application, I'm thinking the deadline will be Saturday to put an official application in (it doesn't have to be finished, but I would like it there)

I am definitely interested. I love the story line so far (Gives that major survival element feel eh?) though this will be my first Star Wars Game :P I'll have a lot of reading to do, but I will no doubt have a character app in before Saturday! :3

at least concept and background

we can work on the crunch a bit later since more than likely it won't come into play until a bit later

I would like to thank everybody who applied, I have chosen my group

Everybody who didn't make it in Good luck next time...and always have fun gaming.


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