Newcomers, don't be shy, come and introduce yourself! Our members will be delighted to bring you into the fold.

Refugee knocking at your door.

WoLT!? You are a buddy of WoLT? thats awesome :3 I miss him.

It's true...

I came from the Playground. The site's back up and I'm still posting there, but I'm strongly tempted to bring the games over here, once I see how many people survived the server downtime. I DM two campaigns, and I love the formatting options you guys have here. All in all... I just prefer this site more.

But... what do you mean by "avoid the cupcakes?"

Put it this way, everyone that eats one, dies.
It's how this "Reaper" character keeps his quota filled each month, since he's too busy playing D&D to come up with good reasons to claim souls.
Especially watch out for his crony, Vox.

Welcome welcome! I know quite a few of us came over during a lull in service and just never left. The features here are huge--real, real handy and intuitive--not to mention the previously stated consistency.

Just as a note, I've found that while the pace here may lack initial blast of exuberant postings, the games are much more consistent. So, like ND said, it may take some time to find a match, but it'll come, especially when you get to know some of the other denizens here.

Well, I posted my campaign idea up in the 3.5 section. I'm still not sure how to use the various format options, and I couldn't find a MythWeavers recruitment template, so I just used GitP's. I hope that isn't a problem. At any rate, I figure the best way to learn is to dive in with what I know and go from there.

Might I suggest taking a look at some games that are already established?
Or maybe even the help section about creating games?
I like that you have provided a lot of details, but that massive wall of text doesn't belong in the game description.

I agree the best way to learn is to jump right in, but remember "When in Rome, do as the Myth-Weavians do." or something like that...

LOL. Yes, the text wall hurts my eyes too. But the spoiler tag doesn't work the way it does in the Playground. I usually spoiler anything that might be considered tl;dr. I need to play with the spoiler tags a bit to see how they work. I'm not so good with HTML. You'd think I'd know a thing or two by now, as much as do PbP... but I just don't web good.

I would strongly discourage you from using that list of GitP questions. Too many of them are just irrelevant for this site.

Some pointers about how games and ads work. You can post multiple ads (over time) for the same game, the game description is included in every ad but you should separate out the description from the ad. Some tags don't work in the game description, it's just intended for text really.

Right now you haven't posted an ad at all, use the megaphone button in your game profile. Once the ad is shown in your profile you can close it by double clicking that listing. Closed ads indicate the game is no longer recruiting and will no longer be listed in the ads forumdisplay page 48 hours after closure.

After looking at the help file, I think I'm going to leave the game unposted for today. I'd like to re-work it to take the best advantage of the site's tools.

Thanks Xaviien and Plugsy! I guess I need a little more time to figure all this out.


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