Newcomers, don't be shy, come and introduce yourself! Our members will be delighted to bring you into the fold.

Refugee knocking at your door.

I've come across a question I can't find an answer to:
Application Process: How should people apply to play?
Is there more than one way to apply?

Take a read through some of the other game ads. Usually a GM will request players start a new thread, in a "Character" folder in the game forum, using the name of their character as the topic title.
Some GMs will ask you to post a character concept in the game ad thread first.
It all depends on the game/GM.

There is a button on your game info screen for people to click, to request access, I'll go click yours now.
EDIT: Seems like your game disappeared...

I archived it. I need to understand more about how MythWeavers does things before I try to start a campaign. I'm really very low tech, and this place introduces a lot of new terms, options, and concepts that I have never used before. So, I'm pouring through the tutorials, lurking the game ads, testing out stuff, and trying to understand it all.

It's a little overwhelming, partly because I've been really anxious to introduce this campaign idea and this is a great forum for it. It took me nearly a year to get used to the Playground's features, so the task of starting over is daunting.

Maybe I'll start off as a player first...

lmfao now you're even confusing me. I'll invite you as a co-GM to the game I set up to practice, but never deleted. I will eventually run that game, likely in 2016.


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