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Technical problem with another vBulletin site

Technical problem with another vBulletin site

Hi, I hope this isn't too off-topic for the off-topic forum; I just registered for another site using vBulletin, posted twice and requested to join a group, and now I get a 403 Forbidden error when I try to access the forums. What I would like to know is whether this means I've accidentally been banned (I've never been banned from a forum before so I don't know what that looks like) and need to contact the administrators, or whether their forum has crashed and that's just the message it displays while they try and fix it, or something else. I figured since all of you use vBulletin too, you might know the answer (I haven't been around long enough to know). I sincerely apologize if this topic is inappropriate for this forum.

I did some searching on the actual vBulletin website, but their solutions to such an error appeared geared for administrators and involved changing the forum's code.

Thanks for any help you can provide!

If you are banned you get a nice "you have been banned" screen. 403 suggests fundamental problems with their site.

Ok, thank you. Now I know I don't need to try and figure out how to contact their admins; just wait for their site to be fixed. Thanks!

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