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Oh Woe To Colbert the Pally

Oh Woe To Colbert the Pally

Here I had thought that gaming culture was getting mainstream and accepted, that to the point that even poltics are using it against someone for gaming usage.,p6,d2

Oh man. I better not run for office now I've repeatedly made and broken alliances in Diplomacy, ruthlessly crushed the British, Indian Nations, Japanese Shogunate, and countless other countries that no longer exist due to my armies in the Total War series, and, yes, I once picked pockets in a D&D game :'(

Can't see it in europe.

I've repeatedly reduced vast portions of the globe to nuclear wastelands and the rest I turned into tributary states for the greater good of my sovereign superpower in Supremacy. Huh....maybe that might fly with some people.

Relax, as soon as Vin Diesel gets to hear about it, those fools will change their minds.

Huh. Fun. She's playing an orc, so freakin' what?

If I were looking for weak and stupid ways to attack people, I'd be focusing on the fact that she had the free time to grind out a lvl 85 WoW character.

"If she wasted this much time on a stupid video game, should we really trust her to do anything important?"

While I hate to drag politics in anything, this is a typical attack by the current state of the Republican party. Reagan is rolling over in his damn grave over this new era of right-wing lunacy.
In better news, Colbert whipping Sting out was great. I wouldn't doubt if he was a big tabletop gamer in college or previous.
In an extension to what TanaNari said, you are apparently not allowed to have any enjoyment in life save pure black and white ideals in politics. If you aren't a robot, you are BAAAAD!

i have never loled so hard. If all mudslingers can come up with is info on a woman's personal leisure time in an online video game look out. Next thing you know they will be looking into over due library books, favorite junk foods, and movie choices.

Originally Posted by Librarium View Post
In better news, Colbert whipping Sting out was great. I wouldn't doubt if he was a big tabletop gamer in college or previous.
Oh, Colbert's given interviews saying he played D&D as a kid in the late 70s and early 80s. Here's a segment he did when Gary Gygax passed away.

I've defended Earth from alien invasion countless times. Doesn't that count?

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