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The Walking Dead -Season 2

Originally Posted by Syndl View Post
Ep. 4 hits today (PSN) and tomorrow (xbox, PC versions). Who's excited?
Good good news! That'll brighten up the week... Despite the game being a little bleak LOL

I played ep. 3 yesterday for the first time, and then I found out last night that ep. 4 came out today, so I got a little excited :P

Must.... resist... clicking... spoilers....

I got the PC version, which just came out today, so I haven't gotten a chance just yet.. That'll be my project tonight!

I downloaded it yesterday off the PSN, but because of my ridiculous connection slowdown in the afternoons (AT&T sucks!!), the download ended up taking like 8-9 hours, instead of 1 hour.

Ended up playing it today instead. I wasn't about to stay up after midnight to play a zombie horror game! xD

All I can say is it better be downloaded when I get home tonight! Its weird that you get the achievements showing up before the game unlocks...but so it goes I guess.

Also, I want to click those spoilers upthread so bad but for me it ruins it so I will resist...Dam its tempting though!

Nautilus, mine wont give any actual spoilers, just give my emotional reaction to the episode.


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