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Starting a New website?

Starting a New website?

Am just going off a very raw unknown cuff here, if I wanted to go about buying a website for myself and such, is godaddy one of the better ways to go about securing one or are their better options?

Go Daddy's cheap, but they're pretty slimy, for a variety of reasons (mostly political). WordPress has a good list of webhosts. I've used Bluehost myself for 5 years or so and have been impressed with their pricing and customer service.

This is more a topic for General Discussion than Worldly Talk.

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This is more a topic for General Discussion than Worldly Talk.
Indeed... and moved.

I wouldn't use GoDaddy if only because their adverts (at least over in the UK) leave a VERY foul taste in my mouth. Sorry but scantily clad or naked (one had a naked lady but censored saying "want to see more? Go to" that one really made me want to smash their servers) women cavorting around is best left to clothing and perfume adverts.

You can register your domain name just about anywhere, but if you're paying more than USD20 annually for a .com, make sure you ask for a reach-around while they're at it.

Hosting is a bit trickier, but GoDaddy isn't the only game in town for super-cheap hosting.

It's a shame Bob Parsons is such a sleezeball. I've always been very happy with GoDaddy's service and support, but their support of SOPA has me moving client sites as their hosting agreements come up for renewal.

Yeah, definitely stay away from GoDaddy. I've used HostRocket for years and have been very pleased with their service. I have unlimited space and bandwidth for about $20 per month.

What do you want to use the website for? If it's a commercial venture, then you probably need one. If it's for your own entertainment, consider a free service, like WordPress. Aside from being free, there's often a community where you can get free support.

I have a site on It's not totally free form, but it's free of cost =p.

It seems 'a small orange' has already been mentioned, so I guess I'll just recommend it as well :P
But really, low cost, no ads. If you don't need anything all that big, it's about perfect.


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