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Spellcasting for Non-Spellcasters

Originally Posted by Keradi01 View Post
- Spells are cast using Spell Points and all spell casting classes use the spell point system.

- All characters have a static amount of spell points equal to x+y/2. Where 'x' is the character's Intelligence modifier (based on the mental capacity of the character) and 'y' is the character's ranks in Spellcraft.
Am I correct in thinking that spell casting classes would get the static amount of spell points (above) as a bonus to the spell points granted by their class? If so, then I think you have a very workable solution.

Yep, that means moar spell points for the spell casters (well so long as they have the intelligence/ranks in spellcasting.) So this system gives non-casters a chance to use magic while rewarding normal spell casters. Well maybe not in a normal setting, but for the setting I'm making this for, it will.


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