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Shadow Stream: Personal Art Thread

Yeah, the small Bamboo Fun was not expensive and it worked just fine. The size of your tablet should coincide with the size of your monitor. If you're using a laptop, a smaller tablet is better; where a desktop might call for a medium or large tablet. I would say a "medium" sized tablet is good for both, and will work just fine for a beginner to digital art. Just my two cents.

Hmmm, that sucks. I use a 55 inch LCD TV. I guess I'll go for a small one, and get a 20(ish) inch monitor.
Anything has to be better than using a $10 mouse though, I won't even bother trying to learn any digital techniques yet.

@Xaviien - Yeah, I wouldn't bother with digital painting until you have a tablet. Honestly, you're better off practicing with pencil and paper than with a mouse.
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Nice...but the helmet needs more horns. Everybody knows all the Viking helmets had horns.

I really like that last one, I think that cloak wrapped around his shoulders is pretty cool. I'd enjoy seeing it finished.

Seeing it in full, my only comment is that the ear placement seems quite a bit further back than I would have expected. The largeness of the cheek is a little... unsettling to me.

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