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They Call Me.... JoshJ5Hawk

They Call Me.... JoshJ5Hawk

Okay, so, I'm not always a 100% serious player (as my topic may suggest :P), and have just recently joined the D&D Realm. I am 21 years old and I have never been really good at these introduction posts, yet I still attempt them when I join forums

Play by post is fairly new to me, but I will make sure I check the "Help" pages before applying to any games.

I'm looking to find some games that will have both experienced and slightly novice players, where I can learn more about the game (things like saves, I just can't wrap my head around for some reason :P).

I typically go the Ranger or Paladin Class when rolling my characters and I choose the "Roll 4d6, remove lowest" path of choosing my points. I enjoy the randomness involved. Knowing that I could be super kick-ass, or will have to spend many adventures training makes the game more interesting for me.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask! I will answer all (appropriate) questions!

Thank you all for taking the time to read this post and I hope to see you around the forums!

-JoshJ5Hawk/Quarfein (Drow Ranger)/ Randolf Raydenshire II (Human Pali)/Nadarr(Dragon Born Warrior)

Hey JJ5H, welcome to MythWeavers

Best way to get started is to go to the Game Ads and look at the game type you would like to play in (DnD 3.5, 4e, Pathfinder, d20Modern, etc) and apply to play a game.

I must tell you truthfully that getting into a game can sometimes be VERY tough as the general quality of those applying is quite frankly brilliant (I am for instance applying for 5 games at the moment in the hope I will get into one ... and I'm AWESOME *cough ... cough ... choke*)

You will find that normally the GM will let you know in the Game Ad what dice system / number of points in a point buy to use. Just let the GM know when you apply that this is your first attempt at a game on MW and that you may need help -- often a "noobie" will be allowed to join in order to get them used to the MW system and rules -- and there is always an OOC section for you to ask questions of the GM or the other players.

Saying that, the other players are generally your best bet for learning how to do "stuff" on here, so don't be afraid to ask questions

Good luck and I hope you can find a game soon,


Thanks NGP,
The sad thing is, it's almost a pain to find a 4e Game as I have only been playing D&D For about 3 months now, I'm still not quite ready to drop down to 3.5e. Do games show up more frequently than the five 4e games I see right now? Is it just bad timing finding MW, and many players are already caught up in games? Or when the weekend hits, will more games show up?

3.5 is the most popular D&D system here. We have a fairly low amount of game ads in general at the moment, but 5 is still in the normal range for 4E game ads.

Hey JJ5H,

I bow to the wisdom that is canjowolf

Some of the 4e Adds are finishing up this weekend as they've been running for a couple of weeks.

3.5 is way more popular as CJW has said as peeps bring their RL prejudices to here and a lot of 3.x players don't like 4e at all ...

I personally think that 4e works better on PbP then 3.5 due to it's "Squad skirmish" play which doesn't lend itself to roleplaying as well as 3.x (and Pathfinder) in RL

I'm running a level 12 Against the Giants 4e game and after about four months of play with prolific posters, they have only just completed their 3rd combat -- not that the combats are slow, but because of the brilliance of my players and their Roleplaying-ness (umm ... that is a word ... I think ... ummm).

Just be patient and check often as when games finish, others are posted

Also, don't let certain peeps see you say things like "drop down to 3.5 ..." they don't consider it a drop ... LOL

See you around,


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