Looking for 1-on-1 GM

HA! Steampunk Samus, awesome. Well if we have a GM that can commit to a long term game along these lines that can post a few times a day on weekdays (weekends are a toss-up for almost everyone usually so I won't expect them to be promised in any way) then yeah I don't mind a 2 on 1 game.

On a side note, while I may not min-max my penchant towards item collecting/making, minion hording and other such things usually makes me way more powerful than I ever should be. I don't mean to munchkin cheese, but damn cheddar is tasty.

Hey, if you earn it, then you earn it. I just don't like it when people go for the gold right from creation in an attempt to be better than everyone else...

Last call, any GM for Savage Worlds game with a noob and not noob of epic length and scope. We are asking for someone who can make multiple posts on most weekdays, weekends are not expected.


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