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Returning Poster

Returning Poster

Hey there folks. i am returning to the site as I recently found myself checking the site again. I previously lost interest in the forums as I started a game, had players drop out, and then I just lost interest in the site, its players, and the idea of PbP.

I began checking in about a month or so ago, and realized that it was more my fault then the players. I thought I'd come back, and participate solely as a player, contributor, and enthusiast of my favorite game: Star Wars Saga.

Any how, here's my re-introduction:
been playing off and on in real life for many years now. Love the game system even though there are many who call the system flawed (we can all agree on that one :P), but I still believe it to be a fun system to play. Anyhow, gonna be posting some non-game stuff under the SWSaga sub-weave for everyone to see and critique.

Hello World!

Welcome back Yohan.
Death is common amongst the Weavers, the biggest reason I can see being a lack of commitment, patience and preparation, from GMs and players alike.

Good luck in your future endeavours. Sadly I've only seen Episode 1, so I don't think we'll be working together anytime soon

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