Need fresh blood (but not a vampire game)

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Need fresh blood (but not a vampire game)

Treasure of the Seasons - Forum
Estimated Members Requested: 2

“You live in the Age of the Silver Queen, who mourns icy tears in the Northern Realm, while the Lord Protector hunts in the night sky and the Lady of the Wood plots in silence.” – Talenan’s First Book of Lore (suitable for pages and apprentices of every type)

Greetings fellow players in this virtual realm. I am opening up my game to 2 or 3 new recruits or fresh blood, bwa ha hahahaha! I’ve been DMing off and on for many years but have only a little experience with play-by-post. I like high epic fantasy but I also like a little humor in my games.

The Playground
Homebrew but I borrow bits and pieces.
The Northwest of the world is an early medieval Euro-fantasy with Celtic/Viking influence. Other culture areas exist and can be developed for later play.
Humans are not as dominant as in standard DnD due to a series of wars over the centuries including several orc invasions. Elven realms are very powerful, partly because of the nearly immortal nature of their leaders. Dwarves are very rich due to their monopoly on iron smelting and are the only ones who can make some things like proper full plate. Orc tribes rule a large area just east of the civilized lands. The Far East???? There be Dragons...

The World is Flat. No moon. The stars move across the sky in seemingly random patterns. You can more or less walk to the elemental planes and several planes overlap and impinge on the material. Small gates can be created by accident. For example, by making a big fire in midsummer you might call up a small salamander. Thus clerics and other divine casters are more necessary for everyday life – holy water, blessing houses, protection from elementals etc

You will start out in Tower City (see separate thread) near the frontier of the kingdom of Kummark and the Great Forest. The Forest is very mysterious, full of fey creatures and ruled by the Lady of the Wood or the Queen of Air and Darkness.

The kingdom of Kummark was a Celtic kingdom, famous for its singing knights. But about 100 years ago, while recovering from an orc invasion, it was conquered by northern human barbarians famous for their berserkers and warrior priests. The cultures have begun blending and the current king is descended from both royal lines.

The Game
The original PC’s were each on a quest for one of the long lost “Treasures of the Seasons” (elven artifacts). They came to Kelvetharelion, aka Tower City, separately but met each other in a garden tended by a mysterious old lady in the bad part of town. She sent them on a quest in the sub-basement for the head of an evil fountain, after which she will answer their questions.

The Players (Character Creation)
What the party needs: an arcane caster and ??? we’ve got a dedicated barbarian and a ninja and an oracle who are fading away.
25 point build
3rd level with 3000 gp in starting wealth.
Alignment: no evil (and no backstabbing or stealing from your friends)
Allowed Sources: Pathfinder core, APG, UC, UG or ask about specific feats, PRC’s etc..
Classes: All core and base classes except alchemist and gunslinger. 2 traits but only one from each category (no regional traits yet). No flaws
Races: The game description calls for all elves but I’ve listed some other races you can use if you can justify their inclusion. See Elven varieties post under Background threads (got to figure out links)
(*= my homebrew variant)
Standard – in the northwest mostly Celtic or Viking or some combination. If you want to be an exotic stranger I’ll give you details about the Empire of the Sun, the Middle Lands and the Far East
Standard stats but other differences
*Bright Elves – similar to Aasimar, +2 Dex, –2 Con, +2 Int, +2 Cha LA +1
*Green Elves – nature bonuses, +2 Dex, –2 Con, +2 Wis, +2 Cha LA +1
High Elves - core + skill bonus
Grey Elves (Sea) – standard stats but special skills
Wood Elves – standard stats but special skills
Half elves
Almost always half Sea Elves. Once an Age a High elf might fall in love with a mere human.
Gnomes are very variable.
Chaos Gnomes LA +1
Whisper Gnomes.
Forest Gnomes
*Mountain Gnomes – + wisdom and can freely multiclass monk and cleric
Half-orcs are very rare in human lands away from the frontier. They are viewed with suspicion or derision by humans and thus get a -2 on attitude checks.
Standard halflings
*Wild Halfling -2 CHA, stealth bonuses
Tallfellow halfings – plains nomads, different skill bonuses.
Also azer, catfolk, various plane-touched and elemental touched, goliaths (from 3.5 RoS)

Application Process:
Apply on application thread. Applications accepted until October 21. 2 or 3 spots are open, I haven’t decided yet Include:
Why your character is joining the party

Game Description:

A medieval fantasy world where humans are not the dominant race. The world is flat and connected to the elemental planes which have alignments. This campaign involves 3 young elves on a quest for long lost artifacts.

Are you allowing Archetypes? I gather yes as someone as said they wish to be a Bladebound Magus.

I'm putting together an outline of the eastern lands for those interested. It will be in the Background threads.

no changelings? if still open i could be a bright elf unless changeling is alowed ( they are decendants of hags not the doppleganger ones

Hmm. So question is, If I want to play a half-elf. How are half-elves treated?
Defiantly interested.

Thinking of something in the Arcane Scholar area.
What are you doing for Prestige Classes?

I might like to be a Wizard Schollar and shoot for Lore Master.

I'll think about the changeling.

half-elves are treated well by most humans and elves. Bright Elves and high elves might be a little standoffish or patronizing.

I've an idea for a half-orc inquisitor, a former thug who found redemption through Sarenrae. Since he was given a second chance, he gives opponents one as well. Mechanically he'd have the Conversion Inquisition and use the Blades of Mercy trait w/ Enforcer to intimidate in combat.

Would this fit your setting/group?

interesting, I love the closeness of the planes ideas, had a similar one I was working on for a while. I'll see what I can come up with though I'm thinking towards some kind of shaman style character (not necessarily the class but the style), that worships the elements. Would that fit well into this setting?


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