Teen Titans #1 - Smoke and Mirrors pt. 1


Hero PointsTwo
Condition-1 Toughness

Lian wanted to tell the shadowmancer to shut up and let the professionals handle this, but she couldn’t really blame him. Everyone started off somewhere, and recently she had found herself having a little bit more sympathy for rookies. Besides, her mind was elsewhere.

She held Frostbite’s gaze, her expression slipping from hostile to neutral, neither accepting nor rejecting his unspoken apology yet. She listened patiently to his explanation, careful not to betray any kind of reaction, trying to hell if he was being honest or not. Fact of the matter was, she just really didn’t want him to be lying. She shouldn't have made him open his visor; she was sympathizing again.

Under normal circumstances she probably would have made a joke at the ‘second stringers’ comment, but she just wasn’t in the mood. Lian ignored Robin, not moving from her spot, her arrow still trained on the remaining villains. “Your sister,” she asked Frostbite slowly, “does Abra Kadabra actually have your sister?”

OOC: Alright, I got some rolls to make. (Also, sorry if I'm being annoying by bringing up the sister subject while you're trying to get everyone out of there, but you did say there would be one more update XD;; .)

Insight - Frostbite:
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 4 (Total = 14)
Expertise (Hero Lore) - Abra Kadabra:
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 9 (Total = 14)

Gunna use my two hero points to reroll those. (Which I believe gives them an extra +10 each, yes?)

Insight - Frostbite:
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 3 (Total = 13)
(So, 23.)

Expertise (Hero Lore) - Abra Kadabra:
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 1 (Total = 6)
(And 16. Unless that was a crit fumble.)

Scott folded his arms over his chest and glared at Ten. His cheeks flushed, but it was hard to tell through the shadows that cloaked him.

He concentrated and the shadows responded, grasping at Ten's and Frostbite's ankles. Meanwhile, Scott looked aside at Robin.

"Getting outta here's fine by me!" he called. "Last thing I need's to be caught by jerky reporters. What part of California are we in, anyway?"

Scott figured if he was going to be stuck in California he might as well get ready to begin a new life here. It would help to know what city he'd come to so if he wanted to escape he could.

Indigo : Soggy Ace

Dodge 02 | Parry 06 | Fort 05 | Tough 10* | Will 02 | Hero Points 00

Reaching out Indigo grabs the edge of were the tear her horns made in Aces' body. Pulling him towards her she grips both edges of the "suit" and pulls it apart so she can get a better look inside. A shell... like the antameres' carapace... interesting Easily swinging Ace up over her head she tosses him 20' up onto the sand where his body slams into the ground with a thud and vibration. Indigo grins at the impact and accompanying "oof!" from within the suit.

Looking around really for the first time she really focuses on the beach and the others as well as their conversation. The sand is warm as is the air and the smell of the ocean is incredibly strong as well, inundating her senses with like slamming into a brick wall. "This one didn't seem to be taking it easy. I believe his intention was more than simply delay or avoidance. It was much more aggressive of an attack." She shrugs and watches a few seagulls drift by. "California huh? That's on the other side of the United States, right? Well, at least if you started on the other side I suppose... What do we do with these... people? Why would we not want the media involved? I am new to this... Earth thing... kind of... watching... but this is quite different." Her grin turns to a low chuckle of amusement.

Dodge: 7 / Parry: 3 / Fortitude: 7 / Toughness: 7 / Will: 6
Hero Points: 1

"You're really not from here, are you dear?" Catwoman asked the pretty demon as a reply to her questions "Reporters are nosy, and they almost never got the fact straight. Add to that that we're not known, we can be easily be protraited as a rouge band. No, for now we're better alone" she said "And talking about moving? You should get going"

As she talked, she started to shrink before everyone's eyes. Her fur started to get clearer and stripped and in just a few seconds a small tabby with a single golden earing and a very beautiful golden collar was in her place. Her ears twitching, she swiped her tail a few times as she looked to the group, before jumping to the martian arms. She would have prefered the young bird one's but in his mood it was not a good idea, and she didn't trust the shadow controller or the demon girl that much.

Arrowette was another option, she had seen her from time to time but it was not like she would allow another woman to carry her, she snorted which seemed just like if the cat had sneezed

  • Free Action:
  • Move Action:
  • Standard Action:

In answer to Scott's question,Robin points over his shoulder to a massive bridge,

"That's the New Millenium Bridge, we're in Gateway City."

Frostbite looked guiltily at Arrowette, before casting his gaze down to the sand, "I don't know. Someone does, and he knew about it. Said I would get her back if I helped him but I haven't seen her since she disappeared."

Making sure that the three criminals are secured, Robin taps a button on his gauntlet, immediately a small holographic computer springs to life in front of him

[b]"I have a safe house nearby, we can figure out our next step there." As if to accentuate the Boy Wonder's point, the sounds of sirens grow distinctly louder. "Alright, anyone who's coming. Let's go." Robin turns and makes a dash for the city itself, leading the misplaced heroes away from their first battle.

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