Star Wars Saga Articles

Star Wars Saga Articles


I am starting a few articles regarding Star Wars Saga Edition. I am this thread for those who have shown interest on the site with SWSE games and discussions. I wanted to get some gaming discussion, articles, and basically a "user guide" (written by players/GM's) on the system regarding the following game aspects and many others that will come up during the discussion later on:

  • Character creation
  • Class builds
  • Gear
  • multiclassing
  • Player aids
  • etc.

  • Player Expectations of a GM
  • GGMP (Good Game Mastering Practices)
  • Campaign Building (pre-gen and from scratch)
  • RP vs. Mechanics, what works best? RP + Mechanics / RP > Mechanics / RP < Mechanics / RP = Mechanics
  • etc.

  • How can RP benefit a campaign?
  • Which books compliment each other
  • Core+1: How running a campaign or character progression with the Core and one other book can work for the GM/Player
  • etc.

I am still wondering if this should be put in the wiki or use a central hub thread that links to other threads. I am pretty sure that the mods would want us to start a gaming forum for this even tho it would make life easier for us to discuss things among everyone that wants to participate.

Suffice it to say, that this would be an undertaking that would take some extra time on the part of all the authors. But, this would be a great way to get others to join in on the games being run and maybe even help some that start up but never progress beyond that.

I am still waiting on a response regarding where to put something like this, but I wanted to see who wants to join in on a project like this.

Please post interest here or suggestion if this is not your cup of tea. Send me a message or email me and we can start getting more organized as I have a general idea of where I want to go with this. I would like to point out this should be looked at as a project and i will be allocating the workload among all those that want to participate.

Here is a response from a mod:
Originally Posted by Unnamed Moderator
I'd post the content itself in the wiki, but any discussion should be happening in a thread

I've been thinking about this for a bit, and the reason I haven't responded is that it is simply such a big subject.

I would think about dividing it into three discussions:
mechanics/rules clarifications, as they are quite a few needed in saga, mainly because of the spread of related rules in the books and the WOTC revisions.

roleplaying and atmosphere

sources - handy links from around the web, for background material, maps etc.

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