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Let's Play Guild Wars 2!!

I don't like Necro minion master for the simple reason that your flesh golem sucks whenever you get close to water.

So, I now have a complete set of exotic jewelry (made by myself), an exotic staff and scepter with the stats I want (both Mystic weapons, interestingly, again both mystic forged by me). I sure hope last night's patch fixed the event chain in Cursed Shore for Dragonbrand server, because we couldn't open Arah.

The only obstacle for me creating exotics at this point is cost. Just wish I had some idea as to how to create Legendaries.

Finding out how to make a Legendary is easy! Just head over to the wiki

I'm working on getting Quip, myself, but it'll be a long time coming.

I only recently hit 80, myself, so I only have a set of level 80 green jewelry that I crafted myself. I don't have anywhere near the materials I need to craft rares, much less exotics. I need to farm up a whole bunch of orachulam and gems, and I've not even stepped in a dungeon since I did story AC at level 40, so I don't have any ectoplasm whatsoever.

Made and played my ranger last night! I played one in beta and I forgot how fun and bouncy the sword/dagger ranger is.

Heh, bouncy. Just the word I would use about my little charr rogue. Alot of back and forth with most of the classes, and bouncy has become a needed part for me to enjoy the class.

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