Name: Rodrick
Race: Half-Elf
Class: Magus

Brief Description:

Rodrick's eyes shine blue and radiant a calmness like a sparkling pool of water on a day with out breeze. His hair is cut short, the color of fine damp sand on the banks of the river, as to not distract from the radiance of his eyes. His once Elven grace is diminished by a small scar on his left cheek, displaying the fragility of life many don't see in the Elven features. He is more robust and hardy than most Elves taking after his Mother, Minerva. He takes pride in his Mother's line but does not scorn his father's absence knowing that Humans pose little interest in the short lives of Humans. In fact, he has some small love for his father, even if only because if not for him he would not have had such a loving mother. In matters of dress he prefers darker colors, particularly blues, reds, and blacks.

Brief History:

Rodrick was born in Sandpoint 34 years ago. It was a nice spring evening when a band of Elven merchants arrived and like many of the young ladies of the Sandpoint, Minerva became entrallled by their good looks, charm, and a little to much wine. After several months Minerva realized she was with child. At first she was bitter, for she could no long runaround with her friends enjoying her youth. However, after Rodrick's birth she found motherhood quite rewarding.

Rodrick grew up under thinking not of having one parent but as having many. While his mother worked as a seamstress to make their living. Rodrick would venture through all of Sandpoint with a thirst for knowledge greater than an alcoholic's thirst for a beer. He would study the tomes at the library, both the guards until they showed a combat form, or listen to story from his elders while they baked sweet rolls and he soaked it all in like a sponge.

At the age of 27 his mother became ill during a particularly bad winter and passed. Rodrick was heart broken and spent the next few months morning. Come spring he still could not break his sullen attitude and after long contemplation in the House of Blue Stone he decided he needed to let his mother rest and find his role in the world.

Currently he is in Sandpoint to see the new church, catch up with the locals, and most importantly visit his mother's grave.

Campaign Specific trait: Friend of Tsuto
Rodrick and Tsuto had much in common. They were both half-elves and they both didn't have a lot of family. In Rodrick's case this was due to the fact that he didn't know his father but still had his mother's love. In Tsuto's case his family had abandoned him. For many years Rodrick made an effort to include Tsuto into his fun and games. Tsuto seemed to enjoy the time together playing as kids but as time went on and children grew up Tsuto and Rodrick began to grow apart. Rodrick still makes a point to "bump" into Tsuto to see how he is whenever he returns to town.

Tell Me Something

How did I get this scar right here on my left cheek? Well that's an odd little tale. I must have 8 or 9, a wee scamp just running around the town like most of the other children. You know the normal stuff, chasing cats up onto roofs, playing barbarians with wood sticks, and catching frogs. Well me and this kid, what was his name again..? James, Jacob, Jared; yes Jared, that's it. Well Jared was a big boy and wasn't afraid to throw his weight around. On this particular date I was out by shore and had managed to wrangle up several nice sized conch shells.

I was hoping to make something for my mother, nice of me right? Anyways, back to the story. Now I had these nice shells and here comes Jared. He wanted to them; can't recall why but he did. Well, I stood my ground and said no. That's when he got close and knocked me down. Well, I wasn't just going to let him take the shells I found so I got on top of them and huddled around them so he couldn't take it.

I'm not sure who got the adults to come around but someone finally did. But he had wrestled most from me and many were smashed. He was forced to to give them back but instead of handing them nicely to me, he broke it and threw it at my face. The result is evidently clear...

Funny thing is, several years back he sought me out, heard I was an adventurer and asked for my help saving his bride to be. He apologized for his poor behavior and thought he needed to bully others because his father was drinking and he was picked on for his weight. Turns out he turned into a nice guy after his father passed away. Anyways, it was some silly matter about old gambling debts Jared's father had incurred and needed to be payed up. Nothing that a few threats, a blade point, and some simple magic couldn't fix. Yeah, that's how I got this fancy ring you were asking about.

Favored item:

When I was a mere fourteen, my mother had scrimped and saved her earning to buy me a handsome leather belt. It was dark brown, smooth as silk, and had numerous little rings and slots to hook pouches on. I still wear it to this day, little did I know that her original thought was if she got me a belt she could get me pants several sizes to large to grow into but no matter. It's a little ragged now and sure I could afford one of equal or greater quality now but compared to the sacrifices she had to make to save the money for it. Well lets just say I'll wear it ragged, and even then I would probably make a bracelet out of it....

Extra Credit:
Characters favorite food: Simple stew made of meat, celery, carrots, and potatoes, just like mom use to make.
Where do they get their clothing cleaned: He does so himself, however this took months of trial and error and he still supports stains on his tunics, but of course only nobles have crisp clean clothing right?
Guilty Pleasure: Pastries, sweet rolls, cakes, puddings, anything sweet and he'll most likely shell out a few coins for it.
Allergies: Tomatoes cause irritating blisters on the inside of his mouth, nothing fatal, just highly uncomfortable.
Last Laughed: Why just the other night when teaching a child how to properly place frogs in someone's trousers.
Bacon?: Well when I'm craving something salty its my go to snack

Since you mention the House of Blue Stones in your background stuff, I suspect the answer to this question is Sabyl Enderaki. But to be clear about it, the 'Well aren't you the son of a...' Trait requires you to pick one person whom you are associated with.

Well i have his mothers name someplace in the background but maybe change it so the monk was a father like figure in his life. Hence the step toward balancing body and mind.

Originally Posted by bduds2006 View Post
Well i have his mothers name someplace in the background but maybe change it so the monk was a father like figure in his life. Hence the step toward balancing body and mind.
Possible. I am a little concerned that you are just now thinking of this. I suppose I need to review my writing there and make certain it is clearly stated. The Trait allows your character to have a prior connection to one person in Sandpoint.

The idea behind the trait is that your character has an introduction to someone in the town. An expectation of a friendly face and a place to fall back and reorganize if required, or a person to ask questions of when you have them.

You do not *need* to choose Soran Enderaki as your connection. Since you mentioned the House of Blue Stones, which is run by his daughter, I thought you had just forgotten to put the name on your application. I would like you to choose the person based on some sort of character reason other than because the GM suggested it. Makes me feel like you could have rolled a random dice for it and it doesn't actually matter to your character.

Considering your character is a Magus, and has nothing to indicate they are interested in martial arts, meditation or the worship of Irori, perhaps a different person in Sandpoint might be more suitable. It's up to you to find a connection for your character.

You need to provide the information I requested or you will not be considered for the game.

Ok, I added a little something about Minerva being a seamstress for Ameiko. She created functional yet stylish adventure gear. Would that work well enough for the Aren't you the son of...?

Originally Posted by bduds2006 View Post
Ok, I added a little something about Minerva being a seamstress for Ameiko. She created functional yet stylish adventure gear. Would that work well enough for the Aren't you the son of...?
You seem to be missing a major point. Minerva is your mother. Yes. While my phrasing was not confusing it did use some poetic license.

Are you saying you want your "connection" in town to be to Ameiko?

I think you are, but before it was going to be Monk girl over in the House of Blue Stones.

It seems very much like you are just picking a name at random, which is not what I am looking for,

What I would like is for you to have some sort of investment into the campaign. If you choose to make it through the "Son of a" Trait, then please think about it or at least post about it in a way that convinces me you didn't.t just throw a dart at a list.

Ok, I'm going to go in a slightly different direction. Rather than trying to go for a friend of the mother thing (which I agree is coming off as a bit forced as I reread it), I'll draft up a connection to Tsuto. It might flow a bit better seeing as we are both half-elves combined with "I never knew my father" and his "I've been abandoned by mine." I wouldn't get to the point where we would be best buds but we could run around playing together but I feel he would have more of a mean streak than I would care to like.

Tsuto makes a very organic connection for you, I agree. He was raised in the Turandarok Academy which might also have been where you learned your letters at. Might also give you a connection to Milo. You both seem to have been raised on the poor side of town.


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